IMMAF CEO Densign White satisfied with progress of case to gain WADA recognition

Densign White (center) with Gros & Waltenspühl representatives

Densign White (center) with Gros & Waltenspühl representatives

A hearing requested by the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) in the dispute regarding its recognition as an official signatory to the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) took place in Lausanne, Switzerland on January 14, 2020. The federation’s CEO Densign White was present together with representatives from its legal representatives from Gros & Waltenspühl.

The hearing was technical and its main purpose was to restrict from both parties the number of statements to be disputed and for which witnesses will be called. The WADA requested a suspension of the proceedings on the grounds that the admission process to the agency is currently being modified and that the 2021 version of the Code will most likely allow the IMMAF to become signatory.


The IMMAF has objected to this request and the judge is now considering whether a suspension of the proceedings would be appropriate. White said, “I was satisfied that our case was heard.”

“Our legal representatives clearly stated IMMAF’s position which is that a suspension of proceeding would not be appropriate,” White continued. “It would unduly delay the whole process and there is also absolutely no guarantee that WADA would accept IMMAF as a signatory when the new Code enters into force.”

The judge set a 10-day deadline until January 24, 2020 to determine a restricted list of witnesses who will testify and whether this would be in person in Lausanne or by letter rogatory. No date has yet been fixed for the next hearing.

Meanwhile, here is White instructing at a coaching day held at the National Judo Centre in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom back in 2014:

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