Bolivia joins IMMAF; Florenco Artega Laura is BMMAF president


The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation has welcomed the Bolivian Mixed Martial Arts Federation as the latest member nation to join MMA’s world governing body.  Currently serving as the president of the BMMAF is Florenco Artega Laura.

Under IMMAF national federations in South America, official sport recognition of MMA is flourishing. The BMMAF joins already with recognition from Bolivia’s national sports ministry, which was attained in December 2019, requiring compliance to its rules and regulation under the country’s law.

Based in Nuestra Señora de La Paz, Bolivia, the BMMAF has a membership spanning 40 MMA clubs. The federation’s secretary is Trinidad Andrea Arispe Aranibar.

Now working in compliance with global objectives for the development of MMA under the IMMAF, the BMMAF has outlined its priority goals. The Bolivian federation aims to establish a national amateur championship and introduce a talent pathway for young athletes, introduce national members to educational opportunities and certification pathways for coaches, referees and judges, develop the grass roots participation of MMA in Bolivia and collaborate with neighboring countries in the development of the sport.


“The IMMAF family continues to grow, despite the challenges faced by global sport at present,” IMMAF president Kerrith Brown said. “With representation of 110 nations, over 40 of whom are formally recognized by their national authorities and with further applications in process, we look forward to welcoming new national teams and delegates to our expanded family at IMMAF’s next international championships.”

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