OnlyM, Blahza’s song ‘Perfect’ released via Umami Records

OnlyM, Blahza

OnlyM, Blahza

Malaysian lo-fi producer OnlyM and Asian-American hip-hop artist Blahza have collaborated on a brand new single “Perfect” released via Singapore-based indie label Umami Records. The song envelopes the listener in waves of serene melancholic vibes while it laments the pain and struggles of life and love.

Perfect for crying yourself to sleep to, the emotional rap tune wistfully recalls memories of young love with fondness and newfound wisdom. Blahza said, “This song is inspired by the relationships I had in high school.”

“Love isn’t perfect and leaving a relationship is okay if both of the people in the relationship are getting hurt in the process,” Sometimes it’s actually selfish to stay in a bad relationship.”

“Perfect” marked OnlyM’s first experience collaborating with another artist. According to him, he wrote the melody imagining himself in space.

“I felt like the very emptiness of space was like the emptiness of a person who has been through a lot in their life,” OnlyM said. “Everybody has to go through feeling empty at some point and that inspired me to do the beat. Blahza perfectly elaborated and delivered the emotion and very chill, sad vibe that I was looking for.”

OnlyM and Blahza will be putting out two more tracks together before 2021. The latter will be releasing his LP “Sad Songs For Happy People” over the next 12 months.

Listen to “Perfect” by OnlyM and Blahza everywhere. Check it on Umami Records.



Based in Los Angeles, California, United States, Blahza is an Asian-American hip hop artist who makes music with a larger than life sound about his afflictions, aspirations and accomplishments. He is inspired by the American counterculture of the late 1960s and music from the early 2000s.

After recording, mixing and mastering Blueface’s record “Next Big Thing” in 2018, Blahza opened for Members Only at the first stop of the group’s album tour and released his EP “Bloom” in 2019. He has been featured on major playlists including Spotify’s Beats & Rhymes and New Era: Asian Hip-Hop.

Born and raised in Van Nuys, Los Angeles to Chinese and Puerto Rican parents, Blahza grew up surrounded by music and diversity. He fell in love with rap music and especially how it bridged different cultures.

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A Malaysian lofi bedroom producer, OnlyM makes music which is a combination of Flume meets Kanye West with a heady dose of chillhop. He started producing and selling beats on social media when he was in high school and used the money to buy his first MIDI keyboard and he wants his music to be like your coffee in the morning, to get you going and do what you want to do throughout the day while being inspired.

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Umami Records

Based in Singapore, Umami Records is an indie record label founded in 2013. Much like the fifth taste reputation of its namesake, the label strongly believes in discovering new, interesting sounds that run underground and away from the mainstream and its tight-knit, curated roster thus far has included releases from Linying, The Steve McQueens, brb., Evanturetime, CampFire, Martin Baltser, Phoria and Oriental Cravings, among others. · Instagram · Facebook · Twitter · YouTube

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