LEEWAY releases Jean Tan’s song ‘Oak Cherry Wine’

Jean Tan (©LEEWAY)

Jean Tan (©LEEWAY)

Jean Tan’s latest single “Oak Cherry Wine” sees her continuing strong in a signature, bluesy vein, dropping on July 24, 2020 on all major digital streaming platforms via LEEWAY. This is her third and final single before the anticipated five-song EP is released in fall 2020, produced and arranged by Singaporean R&B artist and multi-instrumentalist Dru Chen.

Tan is a singer-songwriter based in Singapore. Her music is a blend of folk, indie and vocal jazz.

Having been born with a cleft palate and lip and later diagnosed with kidney disease at 24, Tan often weaves her experiences into her music. She has performed at schools, teenage homes and for organizations such as Halogen Foundation, World Vision, Relief Singapore, Operation Smile and Architects of Life.


The Singaporean singer-songwriter shares primarily to build community and connection with people across diverse settings and many have been inspired by her life. She has also headlined festivals and music showcases around the world, including Southeast Asian Games, Singapore Night Festival, Esplanade’s All Things New and Come Together festivals and Zandari Festa in Seoul, Korea.

“Oak Cherry Wine” is perhaps Tan’s most personal release to date. This is an ode to love, but a deeper kind, one that grows better with age, holds steady in both the valley and mountain moments.

It is a lettre d’amour to the lover who decides to stay for better and worse, richer and poorer, in sickness and in health. This is after all a song born out of Tan’s own story, her personal health struggles with kidney disease and the man who married her despite the uncertainty of a lifetime together.


Perhaps it is why it feels so powerful despite the simple instrumentation of keys and a couple of guitars. Everything is felt so keenly from the moment Jean whispers 1, 2, 3, 4  in your ear at the start to the soaring, dulcet tones of the chorus.

Even in the simplicity of the arrangement, the listener is taken on a journey as the melodies of the two guitars dance around each other like two binary stars. Seventh chords. A walking, no, skipping bass line. An unexpected twinkling of the electric piano right at the end to bring it all home.

The song offers endless contrasts and complexity in so few elements that it’s hard not to be intrigued. It is sentimental but fierce, sweet but not saccharine, a glass of oak cherry wine, tilted to the lips, bittersweet, familiar, true.

Listen to “Oak Cherry Wine” on Spotify or Apple Music. Established in 2007, the label releasing the song is one of the best independent publishers and record labels and number one sync agency in South Korea.

LEEWAY discovers composers and artists from around the world and promote them to K-pop, television dramas, films and TV commercials. The label presents its partners with integrated marketing strategy like publishing administration, distribution, event booking and music copyright consulting.


“Oak Cherry Wine” 


My oak cherry wine

My mortal and divine

Bright strokes of colour

Brush past my cheeks in your night


Sweet as honey, rich as gold

Innocent as songs of old

The romance of you

Familiar and true

The charm in your whispers

Just makes me say I


Love you, I love you

I love you, and it’s funny how

I’ll need you, breathe you

Be with you every moment now

My heart’s yours for a lifetime

Yours for the good times

Yours through the blue times

Oh how I’m lovin’ you


Oh sweet cherry wine

Taste of oak in your vine

The romance of you

Familiar and true

The charm in your whispers

The charm in your whispers

Just makes me say I

[Repeat chorus]


How I’m lovin’ you

Baby how I’m lovin’ you



Single Credits

  • Music and words by Jean Tan
  • Produced and mixed by Dru Chen
  • Guitar, Keyboards, and Organ by Dru Chen
  • Additional Guitar by Leo Goh
  • Mastered by Cameron Henry
  • Artwork by Lee Wen Ling
  • © 2020 Leeway.

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