Adam Haner: Getting a drink at 7-Eleven in Portland, Oregon is different now

Adam Haner

Adam Haner

Brian Christopher Haner, 42, of Apache Junction, Arizona, United States celebrated his birthday on August 16, 2020. At 10:27 p.m that day, his younger brother Adam T. Haner, 39, of Portland, Oregon, USA was violently attacked.

The assault took place at the intersection of Southwest Taylor Street and Broadway a couple blocks from the Multnomah County Justice Center in Portland. Adam’s white pickup truck was parked there outside a 7-Eleven store nearby.

Adam was there with his girlfriend Tammie Martin to pick up something at a 7-Eleven store nearby. He told Fox 12, “Getting a drink at a 7-Eleven in Portland, Oregon is a different story than it was two months ago.”


That night,  Marquise “Keese” Lee Love, 25, of Portland was also there. He was with his fellow Black Lives Matter rioters robbing and attacking people.

A transgender woman tried to intervene and stop the rioters from robbing a white man. The rioters stole her skateboard and backpack, which was witnessed by Adam.

Leaving his pickup truck, Adam asked the rioters to return the skateboard and backpack to the transwoman. That was when the rioters attacked him so he tried to flee by driving off.

When the pickup truck crashed into a tree, the rioters dragged Adam out of it and assaulted him while he was helpless on the ground. He told them, “I ain’t trying to hurt no one.”

“What the f**k is you talking about, n****r?” Love asked Adam. The former hit the latter repeatedly on the face.

Love stepped back then quickly returned and kicked Adam on the forehead. This left the latter unconscious and when police arrived, the victim was still unconscious.

“I remember vaguely being on the ground” and trying to call Martin, Haner told KATU. “Then I don’t remember anything. Two days later I wake up and now I’m here.”

An ambulance took Haner to a hospital nearby and was released on August 17, 2020. Suffering from broken ribs and bruising, he is not at home still recovering.

After the attack, Brian organized a GoFundMe page for Adam. In 24 hours, it received almost $100,000 donation.

Meanwhile, Love is still on the loose. During the incident, he was wearing a uniform of Star Protection Agency although he is no longer working at the security firm with an office in Portland.

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