Kelly Anne Wolfe biography: 13 things about anti-mask protester from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kelly Anne Wolfe is one of the people who strongly disagree with the governments’ decision to require wearing a face mask in public during the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. She was in an anti-mask mandate rally at the corner of Yonge and Bloor Streets in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on July 7, 2020, the same day Toronto mayor John Tory implemented a citywide mask mandate.

Wolfe and her fellow anti-mask protesters distributed leaflets that contain arguments why wearing face masks should not be mandatory. One of the recipients was Brian Tao, who holds a bachelor’s degree in cell and molecular biology.

Tao ripped the leaflet handed to him, which Wolfe did not appreciate. She told him, “I’m all over the place.”

“I’m a musician and a very popular one,” Wolfe claimed. “Anyone who is going to commit to this kind of civil obedience is the same kind of people that believed their government when they walked the Jews into the gas tanks. By the way, I’ve got 13 degrees in psychology, I’m a member of MENSA and have a masters in political science.”

All of the information Wolfe said about herself are false just like the information written on the leaflet, such as the claim that wearing a mask decreases oxygen intake. When Tao challenged her about it, she told him to come to Queen’s Park in Toronto where her fellow anti-mask protesters will be doing a live demonstration of “how your oxygen is decreased and your carbon monoxide intake is increased.”

“Carbon dioxide not carbon monoxide,” Tao corrected Wolfe. She did not appreciate the correction either.

“My IQ is 195!” Wolfe claimed while arguing with another person in the same rally. Here are 13 more facts about her:


  1. She describes herself as an activist.
  2. She is a native of Mississauga, Toronto.
  3. She has a son and a daughter.
  4. Her song “Country Queen” was released on Amazon on June 19, 2015.
  5. Her songs “American Dream” and “Static” are available on Spotify.
  6. Her mother died on September 2, 2019.
  7. She is the executive director of The Line Canada, a self-proclaimed leaderless resistance movement and symbol that claims that pandemic safety measures infringe on personal rights.
  8. She is the executive director for Mothers Against Distancing (MAD), which she said was created because of the “campaign to mandate masks on our children.”
  9. She believes that the term Karen is a “racial label against white women with an opinion.”
  10. She supports Hugs Over Masks, a group of protesters who are against mandatory face coverings in Canada.
  11. “We are not anti-mask at all. We are pro-liberty,” CBC News quoted her as saying on August 29, 2020 during a protest on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada organized by The Line Canada.
  12. She and Tao were featured in the September 16, 2020 episode of Dr. Phil McGraw‘s talk show “Dr. Phil.”
  13. On “Dr. Phil,” she claimed that someone threw feces on her front door after her encounter with Tao.

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  1. When Linda Beaudoin Canada’s #1 activist for child protection and public safety spoke to KAW was told Kelly was an activist for years. So where is her portfolio before this anti-mask protesting?
    KAW appears to be all about herself just look at her videos. How tragic to try to make herself more important then everyone else. Thank you for video reveals her true character.


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