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Vennesla’s Sunniva Frigstad is Miss Universe Norway 2020, crowned in Oslo

Sunniva Høiåsen Frigstad, 20, Vennesla, Agder, Norway will represent Norway in Miss Universe 2020. She is a university student.

Frigstad was crowned Miss Universe Norway 2020 during the coronation night at the Åpen Scene in Oslo, Norway on October 31, 2020. She bested eight other finalists.

It was the ninth edition of Miss Universe Norway. The Norwegian national beauty pageant was called Norske Miss Universe from 1990 to 1998 and Frøken Norge from 1952 to 1989 and from 2000 to 2011.

Celebrity eyebrow stylist Fred Hamelten, hairdresser and Goldell Nordic ambassador Svetlana Jouini and Permanent Makeup owner Linn Nguyen served as the judges at Miss Universe Norway 2020. Runner-up to Frigstad was Ina Kollset, 21, Rygge.

Andrea Nicole Nornes Freier, 19, Skudeneshavn was second runner-up. Matilde Lundh Forberg, 20, Sandefjord and Celestina Andreassen, 24, Nesodden were the third and fourth runners-up, respectively.


If Frigstad wins Miss Universe 2020, she will be the beauty pageant’s second titleholder from Norway. The first one was Miss Universe 1990 Mona Grudt, 49, of Nord-Trøndelag.

All of the Miss Universe Norway titleholders from 2012 to 2019 did not place in Miss Universe. The most recent candidates from Norway who placed in Miss Universe were Rogaland natives Kathrine Sørland and Helene Tråsavik.

Sørland and Tråsavik won Frøken Norge in 2004 and 2005, respectively. They both finished in the Top 15 in Miss Universe.

Jorunn Kristjansen of Oslo was Miss Universe 1959 first runner-up. Also from Oslo, Aina Walle was Miss Universe 1973 second runner-up.


While competing in Miss Universe Norway 2020, Frigstad managed to continue her studies at the Universitetet i Agder (University of Agder) in Kristiansand, Agder. She is currently a a sophomore student majoring in marketing and management.

Furthermore, Frigstad works at Joker Kvarstein, a store in Vennesla. Still, she has sufficient time to take a job at Tvende Media.

Aside from participating in various charity works, Frigstad also wants to use her voice to fight against physical and mental violence and abuse against men and women. Having crowned Miss Universe Norway 2020, she now has a powerful platform to continue her philanthropic activities and pursue her advocacy.

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