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Norway’s Nora Emilie Nakken wants to to destigmatize mental health issues

Nora Emilie Nakken

Nora Emilie Nakken

Mental health is an uncomfortable topic for some. But for Nora Emilie Nakken, 22, of Oslo, Norway, it is something she wants to be educated about and educate others about.

Nakken is aware that there are still several misconceptions attached to mental health. It is the advocacy of the Norwegian model and beauty queen to debunk these myths.

As a model and a beauty queen, Nakken wants to use her voice to help others better understand mental health. The Oslo native told the ALTATIS magazine, “For me, the biggest difference between modeling and beauty pageants is the opportunity to raise your voice and speak about topics that is important for you.”

“I believe everyone has that one thing that really means a lot for them and things they want to do to make the society a better place,” Nakken continued. “The opportunity you get through pageantry is so meaningful and a big opportunity to speak about your advocacy. In Miss Universe Norway 2021, my focus will be to destigmatize mental health issues and highlight the importance of being open about personal struggles.”

In recent years, beauty pageants have been highlighting the importance of being strong and independent. Miss Universe and Miss World have been emphasizing the participation of beauty queens bot only in philanthropy but also in raising awareness about various social issues.

Gone are the days when women are expected to just get married, give birth and be limited to the role of a housewife. There are women who opt to stay at home and take care of her family full-time while others prefer to work and make money and both are being celebrated by today’s society.

At a very young age, Nakken knew what it is like to be strong and independent, qualities that Miss Universe in particular is looking for. She was only 14 years old when she started pursuing a career as a model.

In 2016, Nakken competed in Miss Universe Norway and finished in the finals. After representing Norway in Miss Earth 2020, she is now one of the beautiful Norwegian women hoping to become the successor of Miss Universe Norway 2020 Sunniva Høiåsen Frigstad, 20, Vennesla, Agder, Norway.

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