Gloc-9, UE Jam Sessions’ ‘Lalaban Tayo (The Renewal of Honors)’ released



Chart-topping and best-selling rapper Aristotle “Gloc-9” Pollisco, 42, contributed a verse on the acoustic version of the UE Jam Sessions’ aptly retitled track “Lalaban Tayo (The Renewal of Honors).” With a rousing message that champions the unwavering spirit of Filipino bayanihan during the new coronaviris (COVID-19) pandemic, the award-winning hip-hop artist called for solidarity in a bid to rise above the uncertainty of the times.

At kung hindi na makalakad, ika’y aakayin (And if you can no longer walk, I will carry you),” Gloc-9 effortlessly put it in summary. “Lagi mong tandaan na makakaasa ka sa akin (Always remember that you can count on me).” 

The collaboration song was executive produced by Tommy Tanchanco. As featured main artists, the UE Jam Sessions delivered a stripped-down but empowering take on an anthem that serves as tribute to the unsung heroes, the frontliners.

“UE Jam Sessions is here to remind everyone to stay safe in the comforts of your homes for it would be of great help to all our frontliners who have their hands full at this time of pandemic,” Tanchanco said. “Amidst COVID-19, we must keep our spirits high and face the battle head-on. Hence, through music, we extend our gratitude to our modern-day heroes.”


The UE Jam Sessions is a music organization of the University of the EastIn a collective statement posted on their social media pages, the group dedicated the song to the people behind the outreach programs and donation drives and those who offered voluntary services.

“We salute and applaud your continuous dedication to serve our fellow countrymen during this difficult time,” the UE Jam Sessions stated. “Thank you for all the sacrifices that you have been putting over the past months. Lalaban at lalaban pa rin tayo (We will still fight no matter what).

The UE Jam Sessions’ “LALABAN TAYO (The Renewal of Honors)” featuring Gloc-9 is now available on all streaming platforms worldwide.

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