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Stephanie Denaro biography: 13 things about Donald Trump fan from Rosedale, Queens

Stephanie Denaro

Stephanie Denaro

Stephanie E. Denaro is one of the white women who made headlines in 2021 for refusing to wear a mask amid the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. She was called a Karen or a woman who shows an entitled behavior or demands beyond the scope of what is normal.

Denaro is from New York, United States. Here are 13 more things about her:

  1. She lives in Rosedale, Queens, New York City, New York. She was born and raised in Queens. She previously lived in The Bronx and Woodside. (a) (b) (c)
  2. She was once a registered voter for the Working Families Party. She later switched to the Republican Party. (a)
  3. She does not believe in COVID-19. She believes that being forced to wear face masks violates people’s rights. (a) (d)
  4. She is a Christian, according to her. (d)
  5. She claimed to be a New York City public school teacher but a U.S. Department of Education spokesperson said that was a lie. (a)
  6. She claimed to have asthma and bronchitis. (a)
  7. In 2000, she started attending New York University. She graduated in 2007. (b)
  8. In 2013, she wrote her first novel titled “The Fairest One of All.” In February 2016, her first volume of poetry titled “American’t Romance” was published.  (b)
  9. She is a mother of four. The father of all of her children is African-American, according to her. On November 27, 2013, New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) employees and New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers removed her children from her home in New York City. She claimed that on that day, a Beth Israel Medical Center social worker threatened to notify ACS if she did not allow a Lower East Side Family Union employee to enter her home to conduct a home assessment. (a) (e)
  10. On December 2, 2013, ACS obtained a temporary order of protection against the father of her children and used it as the basis for removing her children from their home rather than their father. On March 18, 2015, the proceeding terminated in her favor. On March 22, 2016, she filed a personal injuries lawsuit against ACS, NYPD, Beth Israel Medical Center and Lower East Side Family Union, which was dismissed. (e)
  11. In 2016, she took to social media to share photos of herself wearing shirts that declare her support for Bernie Sanders. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020 to 2021, she took to social media to express her support for Donald Trump. She believes that the U.S. presidential election result in 2020 was fraudulent. (a)
  12. At around 3:00 p.m. on March 21, 2021, she went to Davidovich Bakery at Essex Market on the Lower East Side in New York City with her four children to buy bagels but she was refused service by African-American male cashier Victor Karama because she refused to wear a face mask. A security guard told her Kamara was not going to serve her and asked her to leave. She responded, “Why? ‘Cause he’s a b—h-ass n—–?” She repeated the slur and got offended when one of the customers called her a white trash. A video of the incident went viral and she was dubbed the Bagel Karen and the Bakery Karen(a)
  13. She was 38 years old when she went viral as the Bagel Karen after her racist remarks on March 21, 2021. On March 23, 2021, she took to Instagram to claim that she was black so she was allowed to use the n-word and that 39 percent of her heritage is from Nigeria, 12 percent is from Mali, 8 percent is from Bantu, 4 percent is from Ivory Coast and Ghana, 4 percent is from Senegal and 2 percent is from Cameroon and Congo. To support her claim, she included a graphic that she plagiarized from an article Tech Crunch writer Megan Rose Dickey published in October 2017. (a)



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  1. When I first met Durven Daweswell or Durven Carl Daws or Durven Daws, I was completely convinced that he was not racist and not homophobic but in fact a lawyer (as he stated at the time) who would help me be allowed to prosecute domestic terrorism or extremely racist and homophobic hate crime by my white mother and her white husband, although the entire family co-conspired to side with the mother to reincarnate her daughter forcibly regardless of their whitness or blackness. This is because humans may have a tendency to retaliate crime victims compulsively for superstitious and mystical small reasons used as distractions from actual causational harm and from actual crime being committed against victims, to help the public cover up for their compulsion to commit actual crime, including chemical exposure assaults and propaganda against chemical allergy.
    Durven, the alleged “good black parent” here, ended up stealing devices with sensitive legal evidence of mine, attempting rape of me the first night he met me, stealing my ID, debit cards, and key to my apartment, causing me to be subject to arrest by the public retaliating the crime victim. Durven also forced me into his apartment to maliciously retaliate chemical allergy with his art supplies and smoking and verbal abuse. His verbal abuse is extremely real, extravagant, detailed, and extremely dangerously homophobic. Durven is the white betty and anyone who calls cops on anyone for not wearing a mask is a modern day white betty hungry for capital punishment against innocent people maliciously either subconsciously or consciously. They called Stephanie the n word quantitatively first, and many times over. Stephanie is right that anyone who forces masks for the false virus may be called anything slightly defamatory in comparison to the defamation and genocide against chemical allergy: the n word was used as a superficial distraction and Stephanie had a right to the rape shield law first to protect her priviliged records from the real racists who were brainwashed by the american medical association to murder those with chemical allergy: against themselves and others in their disgusting needless genocide of chemical allergy to reincarnate the population to be soldiers biologically for nuclear warfare in collaboration with the medical military and or cia. This is what the argument was about and her being retaliated for using the n word was used as a distraction to confuse the public by Durven and Stephanie’s harassers who, regardless of how they appeared were really acting as the white betties in this situation. The mask is used to knock unconscious and kill for the false virus. This is done to target prisoners and eliminate prisoners of small size, especially women for example. Durven’s verbal abuse is extraordinary actually. I am an eye witness. Durven’s verbal abuse is ruled by extreme homophobia and he frames women and degrades them with his words 24/7. I wake up on the morning to his verbal abuse that includes graphic homophobic hate speech such as accusing his neighbor of switching boyfriends thus having a dirty pussy for two hours with all kinds of degrading words. He forced me to stay awake and to suffer injury by raping me, forcing me into his apartment and obstructing my right to leave, forcing me to breath in art supplies he worked with and constant smoke, and threatening to “cut my body into peices” or “have me arrested” etc. Durven raped me and told me he would “put me in bellvue: have me injected with chemicals” if I told anyone. Covid is false defamation and slander to frame poison victims by the american medical association and other poison victims falsely. I should not have to prove to the public by way of my capital punishment they and Durven have incited against me that I should suffer anaphylactic unstoppable vomiting in a lab for a doctor to falsify and arrest me for in any naive attempt of mine to obtain document with medical exemption. The cashier at the bagel place was wrong and harrassed Stephanie and retaliated her as a crime victim by the american medical association first. They have no right to run their conceited business of murdering persons with chemical allergy and inciting the public to murder persons with chemical allergy. Stephanie was speaking in self defense and never matched the false slander that she was attacked with first even slightly with her words. Calling the criminal the n word is like a needle in a hay stack compared to the criminal’s harassment of Stephanie and retaliation of Stephanie (accusing her of medical fraud and lying to authorities) that was committed against Stephanie first.


  2. In sum I want my legal evidence phone back that I did not receive back yet from Durven although he gave back the other items after raping me. Also I want my reputation back for all the retaliation I faced (including losing my apartment by threat of false arrest and immediate capital punishment to knock unconscious and murder chemical allergy) by authorities I attempted to ask knock down my door to feed my starving cat for Durven’s theft of my key after my own landlord and my own alarm system company retaliated my statements that my key was stolen by Durven. Authorities said all my reasons for wanting to reclaim my apartment would be retaliated by threat of capital punishment immediately against chemical allergy.


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