SCAM ALERT: ASJIC International Global Convention USA 2021

scam alert (©Markus Winkler)
scam alert (©Markus Winkler)

Today, CONAN Daily received yet another fraudulent email message. We are sharing this to help inform netizens from Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America and South America who might receive the same message.

This email is a SCAM:


The ASJI Conference Committee invites you to the upcoming 4th International Human Right Conference on (Human Rights and Elimination of Domestic Violence Against Women & Children) taking place from the22nd – 25th of MAY 2021 in Massachusetts, Boston the United States and from the 28th – 31stof MAY 2021 in Saint Louis, Senegal under the sponsorship of the American Social Justice International – ASJI.

Registration is free and our conference committee will take full responsibility of all registered delegates Visa processing through the US Bureau of Immigration to enable you to obtain a US Visa. And that will include delegates round trip air tickets, feeding and transportation to both events. Delegates will only be responsible for his / her own hotel accommodation cost in Saint Louis, Senegal where the second phase of the conference event will take place. 

Contact our registration desk for details via Email:

Best Regards 
ASJI Conference Committee American Social Justice International (ASJI) 
Boston, MA, USA



*If an email has typos, grammar errors and missing or wrong punctuations, it is likely a SCAM.

*If an email comes from someone you do not personally know and it does not address you by your full name, it is likely a SCAM.

*If the email asks for your personal details (e.g. birthdate, credit card numbers, passwords), it is a SCAM.

*If the email asks you to send money, it is a SCAM (unless you are paying for a product/service from a person/group you personally know or have previously transacted with).

*If an email offers something that is too good to be true, it is a SCAM.

*If an email looks questionable, always ask help from a trusted person.

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