‘Jeopardy!’ winner Kelly Donohue: I’m no friend of racists or white supremacists

Kelly Donohue

Kelly Donohue, 35, of Winthrop, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States is a state bank examiner known for winning three times in “Jeopardy!” He is being accused of making a white power hand signal on the show. 

The accusation is from more than 500 former “Jeopardy!” contestants who signed an online letter, which is available on Medium. For the contestants, Donohue’s gesture is offensive and a “racist dog whistle.”

The contestants did not say Donohue intentionally held his thumb and forefinger together with his other three fingers extended and palm facing inward and tapped his chest. Nevertheless, the accusers asserted that it “resembled very closely a gesture that has been coopted by white power groups, alt right groups, and an anti-government group that calls itself the Three Percenters.”

On April 29, 2021, Donohue took to Facebook to respond to the accusation. He stated that he is not associated with racists and white supremacists.


Donohue is an alumnus of Boston College High School in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2007, he graduated from Boston College in Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

As a three-time “Jeopardy!” champion, Donohue won $80,000. He also helped raised more than $100,000 for charity.

In 2019, Donohue took the online test for “Jeopardy!” and passed. He was supposed to go to California, USA for “Jeopardy!” in March 2020 but his appearance on the show was cancelled due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In January 2021, Donohue got called back and was told that he had to be in California in February 2021 for the show. On April 26, 2021, local supporters joined him during a watch party at the Pleasant Park Yacht Club in Winthrop, Winthrop Transcript reported.

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