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Valentina Sanchez Trivella biography: 13 things about Miss Supranational Venezuela 2021

Valentina Belen Sanchez Trivella is a Venezuelan-American beauty queen, radio and television producer and suicide prevention advocate. Here are 13 more things about her:

  1. She was born in Orange County, California, United States.
  2. In 1999, she moved from the U.S. to Venezuela where she grew up.
  3. She was Teen Model Nueva Esparta 2011 and Teen Model Venezuela 2011.
  4. In 2011, her grandmother Lilian Trivella committed suicide.
  5. One day after she turned 16 in 2012, she received the news from her father that her mother Andreina Trivella, who was in treatment for bipolar disorder, committed suicide.
  6. In 2014, she moved back from Venezuela to the U.S. She lived in Asbury Park, Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA.
  7. On October 20, 2013, she was Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2014.
  8. She was a senior student at Manasquan High School in Manasquan, Monmouth County when she was crowned Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2014.
  9. Representing New Jersey, she became Miss Teen USA 2014 fourth runner-up on August 2, 2014.
  10. On November 24, 2019, she became Miss New Jersey USA 2020 second runner-up.
  11. Representing Nueva Esparta, she competed in Miss Venezuela 2020 on September 24, 2020 and finished in the Top 5.
  12. She was 25 years old when she was appointed as Miss Supranational Venezuela 2021 on May 27, 2021.
  13. On August 21, 2021, she represented Venezuela at Miss Supranational 2021 at the Strzelecki Park Amphitheater in Nowy Sącz, Małopolska, Poland. She was third runner-up.


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