Miss Universe UAE 2021: Minwa Al Hamed, Ameera Alawadhi or Reem Birdette?


The coronational night of Miss Universe United Arab Emirates 2021 was supposed to take place at La Perle in Al Habtoor City, Dubai, UAE on November 7, 2021. However, the event was cancelled due to time constraints.

This does not mean that the UAE will not make its Miss Universe debut. When the international beauty pageant released the list of the candidates of its 70th edition on November 8, 2021, the UAE was included as one of the 78 participating countries.

Among these countries, 14 still do not have the photos and names of their respective candidates. These are Australia, Brazil, Cameroon, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Jamaica, Morocco, Panama, Russia, Spain, the UAE and the United States.

If it was up to me, I would appoint Emirati model and artist Minwa Al Hamed, 28, as the UAE’s Miss Universe 2021 candidate. She was one of the 30 finalists of Miss Universe UAE 2021 but on October 24, 2021, she announced that she had to withdraw due to conflict of schedule and the Miss Universe UAE organization officially appointed her as the female advisor for empowerment and culture.

Excluding Al Hamed, only 25 out of 30 Miss Universe UAE 2021 finalists were revealed. Among them, Al Hamed stands out not only in terms of facial beauty but also in the ability to represent the Emirati culture.

Even before the international beauty pageant community learned that the UAE is making its Miss Universe debut, Al Hamed has been an advocate of women empowerment. In her interview with the Khaleej Times in June 2021, she beautifully said, “Beauty is in what you stand for as a person, how you value others, what is your personality like.”

“These ideas contribute just as much to the idea of beauty,” Al Hamed continued. “We all age, and what helps beauty evolve is keeping the essence of the person intact.”


But if Al Hamed would not be able to travel to Eilat, Israel for the Miss Universe 2021 coronation on December 12, 2021 due to schedule conflict, for me, the next best choices would be Ameera Alawadhi, 26, of Shakhbout City, Abu Dhabi, UAE and Reem Birdette, 25, of Al Bandar, Abu Dhabi. Alawadhi and Birdette are two of 25 Miss Universe UAE 2021 finalists revealed before the coronation night was cancelled.

Alawadhi earned her bachelor’s degree in media production and storytelling from Zayed University in Dubai. She has professional experience with producing, editing, filming and directing audiovisual content.


Birdette is 5’5″ tall. She is also a professional model like Al Hamed.

While Birdette has a strong social media following, not much is known about her advocacy, which has been an important ingredient in international beauty pageants in the past few years. She is fluent in Arabic and English.

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