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Call for Mister Peaceful Planet 2022 candidates

Mister Peaceful Planet

CONAN Daily is launching the inaugural edition of Mister Peaceful Planet, an online nonprofit international male beauty pageant. We are looking for men around the world who want to use our online platform to promote peace among nations even without financial rewards.


Will you join an international beauty pageant that gives no cash prizes?



This competition does not intend to produce revenues so it does not have sponsors. No financial prizes will be given to the winners. The ultimate reward will be the opportunity to reach people from around the world through CONAN Daily and promote peace. To reward our winners, we will dedicate spaces in our publication for them:

Mister Peaceful Planet 20225 articles
1st runner-up4 articles
2nd runner-up3 articles
Mister Photogenic1 article
Mister Popular1 article

One article will be dedicated to each candidate, as well. The candidates may opt to use the article to either talk about peace or promote their personal matters (as long as it does not contradict peace) or both.



All activities of the competition are done online. Since there are no financial prizes, the online tasks that the candidates are required to do are designed in a way that they do not have to spend any money. The candidates are tasked to submit three photos holding a written hashtag campaign and three 1-minute videos answering questions related to the competition’s campaign related to peace.


Is this something you think you can do? Check if you are qualified:



  • 18-35 years old
  • no criminal record
  • believes that war is not the answer



You are qualified to represent a county/territory if at least one of the following applies to you:

  • You were born in the country/territory.
  • Either your father or your mother was born in the country/territory.
  • You have been a resident of the country/territory since January 1, 2019 or earlier.


So you are qualified and you want to join Mister Peaceful Planet 2022. How do you apply?



  1. Photo 1 (selfie): Wear a white shirt, do the peace sign, smile and take a selfie.
  2. Photo 2 (whole-body picture): Wear any attire but avoid those with conspicuous logos or brands. Hold a paper with the words “Mister Peaceful (Your Country/Territory” (e.g. Mister Peaceful USA).

Send the two photos to on or before April 13, 2022. In the message, mention your FULL NAME, AGE and PROFESSION and the COUNTRY/TERRITORY you are representing. Explain why you are qualified to represent that country/territory based on the qualifications mentioned above (under REPRESENTATION).

Acting in good faith, CONAN Daily will presume that every detail you submit is accurate. In the event that the publication receives evidence that a candidate is actually not qualified, he will be automatically disqualified (or stripped of the title if he is one of the winners).


Join now. Welcome to the peaceful brotherhood. The following titles are up for grabs:


  1. Mister Peaceful Algeria 2022
  2. Mister Peaceful Angola 2022
  3. Mister Peaceful Botswana 2022
  4. Mister Peaceful Ethiopia 2022
  5. Mister Peaceful Ghana 2022
  6. Mister Peaceful Kenya 2022
  7. Mister Peaceful Morocco 2022
  8. Mister Peaceful Tanzania 2022
  9. Mister Peaceful Togo 2022
  10. Mister Peaceful Tunisia 2022


  1. Mister Peaceful Brazil 2022
  2. Mister Peaceful Canada 2022
  3. Mister Peaceful Colombia 2022
  4. Mister Peaceful Cuba 2022
  5. Mister Peaceful Dominican Republic 2022
  6. Mister Peaceful Jamaica 2022
  7. Mister Peaceful Mexico 2022
  8. Mister Peaceful Puerto Rico 2022
  9. Mister Peaceful United States 2022
  10. Mister Peaceful Venezuela 2022


  1. Mister Peaceful China 2022
  2. Mister Peaceful India 2022
  3. Mister Peaceful Japan 2022
  4. Mister Peaceful Laos 2022
  5. Mister Peaceful Lebanon 2022
  6. Mister Peaceful Myanmar 2022
  7. Mister Peaceful Philippines 2022
  8. Mister Peaceful Singapore 2022
  9. Mister Peaceful South Korea 2022
  10. Mister Peaceful UAE 2022


  1. Mister Peaceful France 2022
  2. Mister Peaceful Germany 2022
  3. Mister Peaceful Luxembourg 2022
  4. Mister Peaceful Netherlands 2022
  5. Mister Peaceful Norway 2022
  6. Mister Peaceful Poland 2022
  7. Mister Peaceful Russia 2022
  8. Mister Peaceful Spain 2022
  9. Mister Peaceful Ukraine 2022
  10. Mister Peaceful United Kingdom 2022


  1. Mister Peaceful Australia 2022
  2. Mister Peaceful Cook islands 2022
  3. Mister Peaceful Fiji 2022
  4. Mister Peaceful French Polynesia 2022
  5. Mister Peaceful Guam 2022
  6. Mister Peaceful New Caledonia 2022
  7. Mister Peaceful New Zealand 2022
  8. Mister Peaceful Palau 2022
  9. Mister Peaceful Papua New Guinea 2022
  10. Mister Peaceful Tonga 2022

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