Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Ro Ze Ma shot in the chest by Har San?


Har San, 23, lived in an apartment on Chartwell Drive in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, United States with his wife Ro Ze Ma, 24, and their daughter. Both San and Ma are Burmese.

Just after 11:00 p.m. on March 19, 2022, the Fort Wayne Police Department was called to a report of a shooting at the Fort Wayne apartment of San and Ma. The wife had been shot in the chest and was taken to the hospital where she later died.

The gunshot wound of Ma’s chest was the cause of her death and the manner of death was ruled a homicide. It is the third homicide in Allen County for 2022.

Har San (©Allen County Jail)

After Ma’s death, San consented to a search warrant. Detectives found a duffel bag, marijuana, methamphetamine, Percocet or blue M 30 pills and guns in a wooded area behind the couple’s apartment. 

San was caught on surveillance video pitching the drugs the guns to the rear of the apartment. The drugs were packed not for personal use but for dealing.

Someone was also caught on video throwing an AR style pistol to the west of the apartment. Detectives found in a bedroom closet near Ma’s body a photo of San holding an AR style pistol with a mesh shell catcher.


When detectives found no forced entry at the back door of the apartment, San said he and his wife left it unlocked sometimes and tried to implicate unknown black people. When he was told the surveillance video did not show anyone in the backyard prior to Ma getting shot, he got angry and asked for an attorney.

On March 20 2022, Fort Wayne Police Department officers arrested San, who was accused of fatally shooting his wife inside their apartment, and booked him into the Allen County Jail in Fort Wayne. On March 21, 2022, he was charged with murder.

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