Miss Grand Venezuela 2022 predictions: Maria Jose Perna, Daniela Duran, Dariana Pacheco, Genesis Bartolome, Annet Cardenas


The Miss Grand Venezuela 2022 coronation night will take place at the Teatro Municipal de Caracas Alfredo Sadel in Caracas, Venezuela on August 13, 2022. It is the first edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Venezuela’s Miss Grand International candidate.

Venezuela’s Miss Grand International candidates were sent by Señorita Deporte Venezuela from 2014 to 2016, by Miss Venezuela from 2017 to 2018 and by El Concurso By Osmel Sousa in 2019. Amid the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Eliana Madeleine Rojas Roa and Vanessa Carolina Coella Coraspe were appointed to represent the country in the international beauty pageant in 2020 and 2021, respectively.


Currently, Venezuela has eight Miss Grand International placements including the first runner-up finish of Tulia Rosa Maria Aleman Ferrer in 2017. Coello finished in the Top 10 in 2021.

There are 22 women competing for the Miss Grand Venezuela 2022 title. After checking their profiles, photos and videos, I picked the five candidates who I believe will make it to the top:


predicted 4th runner-up

Annet Valeria Cárdenas Carrero, 19, Merida


predicted 3rd runner-up

Génesis Yuliet Bartolomé Mendoza, 24, Sucre


predicted 2nd runner-up

Dariana Alexandra Pacheco Romero, 22, Dependencias Federales


predicted 1st runner-up

Daniela Isabel Durán Paiva, 26, Distrito Capital


predicted Miss Grand Venezuela 2022

María José Pernía Mora, 26, Amazonas

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