Miss Earth Thailand 2022 predictions: Areeya Panyaautai, Natchaya Meesom, Chawanphat Kongnim


The Miss Earth Thailand 2022 coronation night will be held at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok in Bangkok, Thailand on August 29, 2022. It is the second edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Thailand’s Miss Earth candidate.

Currently, Thailand has 12 Miss Earth placements, including two runner-up crowns. Representing the Asian country, Watsaporn Wattanakoon and Punika Kulsoontornrut were crowned Miss Earth Water in 2010 and 2013, respectively, although the latter was later dethroned.

“Baitong” Jareerat Petsom, 29, of Chumphon, Thailand was crowned Miss Earth Thailand 2021 in Bangkok on September 25, 2021. Representing Thailand, she competed against 88 other candidates at Miss Earth 2021 and ranked fourth so she was crowned Miss Earth Fire 2021.

There are 16 women competing for the Miss Earth Thailand 2022 title. After checking the profiles, photos and videos, I picked the five candidates who I believe will make it to the top:


predicted Miss Earth-Fire Thailand 2022

Wichida Nuamsorn


predicted Miss Earth-Water Thailand 2022

Waranya Ridhthivaja


predicted Miss Earth-Air Thailand 2022

Chawanphat Kongnim


predicted Miss Earth-Land Thailand 2022

Natchaya Meesom


predicted Miss Earth Thailand 2022

Areeya Panyaautai

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