Dubai, UAE to host Miss World 2023; Will Karolina Bielawska crown Krystyna Sokolowska?

The Miss World 2023 coronation night will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in May 2023. It is the 71st edition of the international beauty pageant based in London, England.

This is the first time Miss World is held in the Middle East. The UAE has yet to debut in the competition.

Karolina Bielawska, Toni-Ann Singh (©Miss World)
Karolina Bielawska, Toni-Ann Singh (©Miss World)

Representing Poland, Karolina Bielawska was 21 when she won the 70th edition of Miss World at the Coca-Cola Music Hall in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 16, 2022. She bested 96 other candidates.

More than 80 women are expected to compete for the Miss World 2023 crown. One of them is Krystyna Sokolowska, 23, who will represent Poland.


Currently, Poland has 11 Miss World placements including the coronation of Aneta Kręglicka in 1989 and Bielawska as Miss World 2021. The first one was in 1985 when Katarzyna Zawidzka finished in the Top 15 followed by Monika Nowosadko who finished in the Top 6 in 1987.

Representing Poland in Miss World, Ewa Szymczak finished in the Top 10 in 1990 and Ewa Wachowicz and Katarzyna Borowicz both finished in the Top 5 in 1992 and in 2004, respectively.

Poland’s Anna Jamróz finished in the Top 16 at Miss World 2009. Marta Pałucka finished in the Top 20 in 2015 and Magdalena Bieńkowska and Milena Sadowska both finished in the Top 40 in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

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