23 protesters in Atlanta, Georgia charged by GBI with domestic terrorism

A total of 35 protesters were arrested in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, United States on March 5, 2023. They are accused of hurling rocks, bricks, fireworks and Molotov cocktails at Atlanta Police Department officers near the site of the soon-to-be Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.

The group of protesters attended a music festival near the site of the planned public safety training facility. Afterwards, they changed into black clothing, entered the construction area, approached the officers and launched a coordinated attack.


According to the Atlanta Police Department, fire and vandalism destroyed tractors and other several other pieces of construction equipment at the site during the attack. The officers exercised restraint and held their position until authorities from other law enforcement agencies arrived and arrested 35 protesters via non-lethal enforcement.

Among the 35 arrested protesters, 23 were charged by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations with felony domestic terrorism. Here is the list:

  1. Alexis Papali, 48, Massachusetts, USA
  2. Amin Chaoui, 31, Virginia, USA
  3. Aya Elegla King, 18, Massachusetts, USA
  4. Colin Dorsey, 42, Maine, USA
  5. Dimitri Leny, 25, France
  6. Ehret William, 22, Nottingham, Colorado, USA
  7. Emma Bogush, 24, Connecticut, USA
  8. Grace Martin, 22, Wisconsin, USA
  9. Jack April Beamon, 22, Georgia, USA
  10. James Mariscana, 29, North Carolina, USA
  11. Kamryn Darel Pipes, 26, Louisiana, USA
  12. Kayley Meissner, 19, Wisconsin, USA
  13. Luke Harper, 27, Florida, USA
  14. Maggie June Gates, 25, Indiana, USA
  15. Mattia Luini, 30, New York, USA
  16. Max Biederman, 25, Arizona, USA
  17. Priscilla Grim, 49, New York, USA
  18. Robert-Paul Fredrique, 34, Canada
  19. Samuel Ward, 26, Arizona, USA
  20. Thomas Webb Jurgens, 28, Georgia, USA
  21. Timothy Bilodeau, 25, Massachusetts, USA
  22. Victor Puertas, 46, Utah, USA
  23. Zoe Larmey, 25, Tennessee, USA

Since the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center was proposed in 2021, it has been at the center of protests. Also known as Cop City, the facility was approved by the Atlanta government.

The facility is being built on 85 acres of a 400-acre property owned by the Atlanta government. The property is located in DeKalb County, Georgia within the larger South River Forest, which is called Weelaunee by the land’s indigenous people.

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