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Missing Longview, Texas teen Hosanna Faith Shipton last seen driving 2012 Volvo XC60


Hosanna Faith Shipton, 18, of Longview, Gregg County, Texas, United States is 5’7″ tall and weighs around 130 pounds. She has brown hair and hazel eyes and she wears colored contact lenses.

Since May 6, 2023, Shipton’s family has neither seen her nor heard from her. She has been reported missing.

Shipton was last seen driving a black 2012 Volvo XC60 in Longview. Her cell phone is no longer ringing, a family member told KLTV.


On May 12, 2023, USAA employee Kevin Morgan of Longview received an update from Shipton’s mother. According to the mother, her missing daughter was working hard towards her goal of being a therapist and there was a valid lead in Missouri, USA.

On May 13, 2023, Morgan shared the update on Facebook. He wrote that Shipton was a straight-A student and she was in Scouts with his daughter.

Anyone who has any information about Hosanna Faith Shipton‘s whereabouts is asked to contact the Longview Police Department at (903) 237-1170.


Longview is the county seat of Gregg County. The city is home to Kilgore College, LeTourneau University and the University of Texas at Tyler‘s Longview University Center.

Actors Forest Whitaker, 61, Rodney Carrington, 54, Montana Jordan, 20, and Madison Hu, 20, were born in Longview. Singers Evonne Hsu, 46, and Miranda Lambert, 39, were also born in the city.

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  1. I would first like to address the mothers statement and the validity of this interview considering anybody who was actually close with hosanna, friends and community knew very well of the history of emotional and physical abuse that she has put her daughter through as well as other family members so i find her commentary on this whole ordeal to be laughable at best “She was at a positive and happy place in her life,” says the mother who caused her to run off! Without exposing anymore intimate details considering she is not here to speak for herself my final notes would be that she wasn’t happy at all and hasn’t been for a long time and for this woman to speak so boldly with her lies says so much about her character and her insinuation that she was happy would lead anyone to the logical conclusion that hosanna didn’t leave of her will but if that were the case then why is her vehicle also missing? Those details themselves are an obvious clue to the fact that yes whilst she may have left of her own will it was still a dire situation enough to cause her to flee with no regard for the people she was close to let alone herself. I don’t know where she is or who she left with, but all I can do is hope that she finds some semblance of happiness in a life where from the perspective of someone who listened to her share some rather depressing and saddening stories of her childhood. And hosanna if you’re reading this I am sorry that you felt so alone and if you ever need help then you know who you can return to.


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