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Eve Wilkowitz biography: 10 things about Bay Shore, New York woman


Eve Helene Wilkowitz was a resident of New York, United States. Here are 10 more things about her:

  1. She is one of the two daughters of Alfred Wilkowitz and Dorothy Wilkowitz.
  2. She loved horses and she enjoyed reading.
  3. She was born and raised in Oakdale, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. 
  4. From Oakdale, she later moved to Bay Shore, Islip, Suffolk County where she lived in an apartment with her boyfriend.
  5. She worked as a secretary at Macmillan Publishing in Manhattan, New York City, New York.
  6. She is 3 years older than her only sibling Irene Wilkowitz.
  7. In 1976, her mother died of breast cancer.
  8. In February 1980, she met a writer named Jack Dempsey at Macmillan Publishing in Manhattan. They became friends.
  9. On March 22, 1980, Dempsey dropped her off at Penn Station in Manhattan where she caught the last Long Island Rail Road train home to Bay Shore. On the same day, her boyfriend reported her missing.
  10. On March 25, 1980, her body was found near the train station in Bay Shore. She was bound, raped, fatally strangled and dumped on a front lawn of a house. She was missing her pocketbook, blouse, coat and shoes. She died at the age of 20. Authorities have yet to determine a suspect.
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Anyone with information about Eve Helene Wilkowitz‘s murder is asked to contact the Suffolk County Police Department.

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