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My RedDoorz escape: Serenity in Whitewoods Convention and Leisure Hotel in Silang, Cavite

Conan Altatis

Conan Altatis

Working as a freelance blogger, scriptwriter and actor in Metro Manila, Philippines could be exhausting. So when RedDoorz Philippines offered me a chance to escape from my hectic schedule in the metro, I did not hesitate to grab the opportunity.

RedDoorz helped me escape from the noisy and busy city from August 15-16, 2019. The budget hotel startup offered an overnight stay from 2:00 p.m. of August 15, 2019 to 12:00 p.m. of August 16, 2019, at the Whitewoods Convention and Leisure Hotel at Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road in Silang, Cavite, which is a few-minute ride away from Tagaytay City.

After getting lost in Silang for almost three hours, I reached the Whitewoods Convention and Leisure Hotel at 5:30 p.m. of August 15, 2019. Unfortunately again, I forgot to bring an ID.

While I understand it is part of the protocol, I did not just ride a bus from Pasay City to Silang, ride two jeepneys and walk around 3 kilometers only to be prohibited from enjoying RedDoorz escape just because I did not have an ID to prove that I was Conan Altatis.

But the hotel staff member who assisted me was very gracious and polite although I seemed irked due to my frustration. He asked me instead for the booking reference number, which my contact from the RedDoorz Philippines immediately released me.

It was amazing that the room booked for me was the one nearest to the hotel reception area. I did not have to walk another 100-meter.

The room was very spacious. It was enough for a family of four.

Since I went there alone, I wanted to maximize the space. From the door, you will a small kitchen next to a pair of beds with a television.

Inside is another room with a king-size bed, which is perfect for the parents who need privacy while their kids are in the main room next to the small kitchen. There is one shower room and one bathroom with a bathtub to be shared by the family.

RedDoorz Philippines provided toiletries and four bottles of mineral water. You can order food from the hotel, which is reasonably priced, but if you are in a really tight budget, go to the small eatery that is five-minute walk away from the hotel.

For travelers in Silang or in Tagaytay who need a quiet place to stay, the Whitewoods Convention and Leisure Hotel is highly recommended. It was so quiet I was able to record all the videos I need to record without being disturbed by any noise.

Moreover, the wifi connection inside is strong and the trees outside will give you a strong connection with Mother Earth. It recharged me and made me stronger to face my hectic schedule back in the metro.

You have been working hard and you deserve to ESCAPE too. To get discounts, download the RedDoorz app here:

Take advantage of the 20% off promo code: TRAVELESCAPES10. Here is a little commercial I did for RedDoorz and the Whitewoods Convention and Leisure Hotel:

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