Nathan & Mercury releases ‘Fools,’ ‘Rumours’ music videos

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Nathan & Mercury surprised music fans with two music videos and a brand new single fresh off the announcement that the band is heading to Singapore in September 2019 as one of the performers at Music Matters 2019. The group released music videos of its 2018 single “Fools” and its new single “Rumours” on the same day.

“Fools” music video, a visual delight

The first treat came in the form of “Fools” music video, a visually arresting piece that follows a non-linear format. Nathan & Mercury lead singer and guitarist Nathan Huang noted, “The song in itself is very emotional.”

“Through the song, we were able to hear heavy emotions,” Huang continued. “This time, through the video, we wanted to visualize what those emotions are.”

Released as a single in 2018, “Fools” has garnered nearly a million streams on Spotify and YouTube combined, achieving instant success even without an album release. Watch the music video here:

“Rumours” music video, a fascinating follow-up

“Rumours” is released following in the footsteps of the well-received debut track “Fools.” Written as a direct response to the ever-so-thriving culture of gossip, tattletales, and fake news, the band’s funky pop jam thumps over instrumentation with renewed energy and starry-eyed groove, showcasing their looser, more confident side.

The music video of “Rumours” shows bits and pieces of a story without much explanation. Nathan & Mercury drummer Daniel Monong shared, “It’s a spell of rant coming from someone who is tired of all the lies.”

“We wanted to emulate what it would be like to hear a rumor,” Nathan & Mercury bassist Angelo Sison explained  “We did that by depriving the viewers of the whole picture.”

The “Rumours” music video was helmed by Kevin Mayuga. He is the director behind Chicosci’s Buzzin, Moonwlk’s Prefer and Nathan & Mercury’s very own “Fools.”

“We trust him enough to get the job done,” Nathan & Mercury’ guitarist Alex Samonte said of Mayuga. “Initially, we briefed him on the Fools MV only, but along the process we thought it would be nice to have him on board for Rumours MV as well since we saw how prepared and committed he is since meeting number 1 and so on.”

Before the release of its studio version, the live performance of “Rumours” has earned the band a nomination in the MYX Music Awards 2019 for Bandarito Performance of the Year. It also remains a gig favorite among fans who have followed Nathan & Mercury’s career from the start.

Fans of Nathan & Mercury can stream “Rumours” on Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, and other streaming/download platforms. Here is the music video:

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