Manhunt International 2019 results: Vicent Llorach crowns Paul Luzineau in Quezon City, Philippines

  • beauty pageant: Manhunt International 2019
  • edition: 20th
  • venue: New Frontier Theater, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • date: February 22, 2020
  • candidates: 36
  • costs: Christi McGarry, Andre Bruillette


  1. Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 Sharifa Akeel
  2. Binibining Pilipinas-International 2014 Bianca Guidotti
  3. Manhunt International 2018 winner Vicent Llorach
  4. Manhunt International executive president Rosko Dickinson



Top 16Riley Channells (Australia)
Williams Ocampos (Paraguay)
Daumier Corilla (Philippines)
Adrian Michalowski (Poland)
Sajith Perera (Sri Lanka)
Elvir Aljicevic (Sweden)
Sittipong Imsatian (Thailand)
Yekta Baki (Turkey)
Mohammad Tamseer (United Arab Emirates)
Ben Spong (United Kingdom)
Pham Dinh Linh (Vietnam)
Top 5Matheus Giora (Brazil)
Nikos Antonopoulos (Greece)
Mayur Gangwani (India)
Paul Luzineau (Netherlands)
Yeray Hidalgo (Spain)



  • Mr. Coron Hilltop: Nikos Antonopoulos (Greece)
  • Mr. Rancio De Baluyot: Matheus Giora (Brazil), Pham Dinh Linh (Vietnam)
  • Mr. Blue Lagoon: Daumier Corilla (Philippines)
  • Mr. Gentrip Islands: Nikos Antonopoulos (Greece)
  • Mr. World Balance Top Model: Asen Mitev (Bulgaria), Elardy Tan (Indonesia), Pham Dinh Linh (Vietnam), Sajith Perera (Sri Lanka), Mirza Nabi (Pakistan)
  • Best in National Costume: Daumier Corilla (Philippines) [1st runner-up: Ryuta Kishigami (Japan), 2nd runner-up: Sajith Perera (Sri Lanka)]
  • Mr. Friendship: Reon Elder (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Mr. Physique: Alonso Bandenay (Peru)
  • Mr. Personality: Bibesh Shrestha (Nepal)
  • Mr. Photogenic: Sittipong Imsatian (Thailand)
  • Best Runway Model: Pham Dinh Linh (Vietnam)
  • Best Commercial Model: Elvir Aljicevic (Sweden)
  • Best Fashion Model: Ben Spong (United Kingdom)
  • Face of the Year: Paul Luzineau (Netherlands)
  • Mr. Internet Popularity: Williams Ocampos (Paraguay)
  • Loo Chang Huat Model: Nikos Antonopoulos (Greece)


4th runner-upMayur Gangwani (India)Mai Tuan Anh (Vietnam)
3rd runner-upYeray Hidalgo (Spain)Jeff Langan (Philippines)
2nd Runner-upMatheus Giora (Brazil)Luca Derin (Netherlands)
1st Runner-upNikos Antonopoulos (Greece)Dale Maher (Australia)
Manhunt InternationalPaul Luzineau (Netherlands)Vicent Llorach (Spain)

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