Miss Universe 2020 predictions: Cambodia’s Sarita Reth will make history

We still have no idea when and where the Miss Universe 2020 coronation will take place but I am already eager to share my predictions. Currently, there are 44 candidates expected to participate if we include Sarita Reth, 25, who was crowned Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 on November 26, 2020.

Kudos to the people behind Miss Universe Cambodia 2020. It was magnificently world-class in terms of production value and this is just the second edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Cambodia’s official Miss Universe candidate. It was way better than the Miss Universe Canada 2020 coronation night although the judges did a great job there selecting Nova Stevens, 27, as the winner.

Miss Universe 2020 is likely to happen in the first quarter of 2021. We are expecting around 50 more candidates to be either crowned or appointed in the next few months in their respective countries.

This may be too early but I can boldly predict that Reth will make history. She will be the fourth woman to represent Cambodia in Miss Universe.

The list of Miss Universe 2020 candidates is not even half full so it is hard to say if Reth is the strongest candidate. But with what we currently have, I am convinced that she is highly qualified to be the successor of Zozibini Tunzi, 26, of South Africa.


A Cambodian woman winning Miss Universe 2020 is an underdog story I would love to see. Reth can turn this into reality with the qualities that she possesses.

The newly crowned Miss Universe Cambodia 2020 speaks about her advocacy like she is speaking about her life story. It is part of her being. She does not speak about advocacy just because it is a big part of beauty pageants.

Reth speaks eloquently and I am saying this not because she speaks English fluently. You can sense that she speaks her truth intelligently yet she manages to be relatable. She does not sound like a beauty pageant candidate who mechanically answers questions with memorized answers that contain big words.

On top of that, Reth has the body and face of a Miss Universe. For me, among the 44 women in the list of Miss Universe 2020 candidates, she is one of the most beautiful ones if not the most beautiful.

But it is not just about the beauty of face and body. It is also about being the strong, relatable and inspiring woman that Miss Universe has been crowning year after year and Reth is that kind of woman.

It will not be easy for Reth, however. There are only 44 women in the list of Miss Universe 2020 candidates and she has several competitions already including Stevens, Maria Thattil, 27, of Australia, Shudufhadzo Musida, 24, of South Africa, Asya Branch, 22, of the United States, Chantal Wiertz, 21, of Curaçao and Adline Castelino, 22, of India.

If Reth fails to win the Miss Universe 2020 title, she is still very likely to finish in the Top 10 at least. If the latter happens, she will still be the first Cambodian woman to place in Miss Universe, a big reason for Cambodia to celebrate.

Watch out of Reth. I will.

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