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Sasha Skare biography: 13 things about Kardone’s girlfriend from San Antonio, Texas

Sasha Leigh Skare (©Bexar County Sheriff's Office)

Sasha Leigh Skare (©Bexar County Sheriff’s Office)

Sasha Leigh Skare is a native of San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, United States. Here are 13 more things about her:

  1. In 2016, her then boyfriend Andrew Jyaire Bass introduced her to his mother Misty Renee Bass. She lived with them because she needed a place to stay. (a)
  2. In 2018, she started rapping and singing. (b)
  3. In 2019, she released an album titled “Hyer Quality, Vol. 1” with eight songs namely “Time Travel,” “”Vi(s)ion,” “Beyond,” “In My Head,” “4 the Love of Music,” “Tell Me (La la La),” “Distance” and “In the Air.” (b) (c)
  4. On November 29, 2019, she and Andrew met another at an apartment in North Austin to buy marijuana. The men shot each other, which led to Bass’s death. The other man survived and said he had known her since 2018. (d) (e)
  5. On December 12, 2019, she was arrested in Converse, Texas and booked into the Bexar County Jail in San Antonio. She was charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. (f) (g)
  6. On January 6, 2020, she was released on bond from jail. She was represented by James Young. (d) (h)
  7. On February 3, 2020, a grand jury indicted her. (h)
  8. She was the girlfriend of rapper Martell Lord DeRouen, who was professionally known as Kardone. They started dating after the latter and his wife Joia LéJuan Jenkins DeRouen separated. (i) (j)
  9. On April 7, 2020, she released a single titled “Zoom,” which was produced by Kardone. (b) (i) 
  10. She was interviewed in “White Noise” episode 2, which was published on YouTube on December 18, 2020. (j)
  11. She and Kardone lived in an apartment in The Towers Apartments in San Antonio. On January 26, 2021, San Antonio Police Department officers conducted a welfare check at the apartment and found him dead. He died of an apparent gunshot wound at the age of 34. (k)
  12. On February 6, 2021, she was arrested. She was accused of fatally shooting Kardone. (c) (i)
  13. She was 21 years old when she was arrested on February 6, 2021. (c)


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