Jorge Devis-Milton arrested, accused of attacking Danilo Yu Chang in San Francisco, California


Jorge Devis-Milton, 32, has been arrested by the San Francisco Police Department. He is accused of attacking two men in San Francisco, California, United States on March 15, 2021.

At around 1:30 p.m. that day, Devis-Milton allegedly stabbed a man, 64, in his cheek and knocked him to the ground at 16th and Mission streets in San Francisco. The victim, whose name has yet to be released, was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Around 30 minutes later, Danilo Yu Chang, 59, of Vallejo, Solano County, California was walking on Market Street in San Francisco when he was allegedly attacked by Devis-Milton. The victim is a travel agent of Chinese and Filipino descent.

Commuting from outside San Francisco, Yu Chang had just finished his lunch break and was on his way back to work at the time. It was the first day he was back at work since the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic started.

Yu Chang sustained head injuries. He told KPIX 5 reporter Betty Yu, “I cannot see on my left eye.”

“It’s still so bad I cannot see anything,” Yu Chang continued. “On my right, it’s okay. I hope I don’t lose my vision here.”

According to the Asian-American man, he did not even see his attacker and none of his belongings was stolen. He said, “They didn’t rob me so I think it’s a hate crime.”


One of the witnesses told SFPD officers that Devis-Milton ran up to Chang and repeatedly punched the Asian-American man. The victim fell to the ground and laid motionless while the attacker fled the scene on a Muni bus.

At around 9:28 a.m. on March 16, 2021, SFPD officers assigned to Mission District Station located Devis-Milton and arrested him. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon other than firearm, aggravated assault likely to cause great bodily injury, aggravated mayhem and battery causing serious injury for attacking the 64-year-old man at 16th and Mission streets.

For attacking Yu Chang on Market Street, Devis-Milton was charged with battery causing serious injury and aggravated assault likely to cause great bodily injury. The SFPD neither released the suspect’s mugshots nor revealed his residence.

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  1. When mean ol’ white Ms. Karen says racist words to Asians, there’s OUTRAGE in America. But when black people physically assault, injure and disfigure Asians, America looks the other way.


    • Either you didn’t read this, or any article about recent attacks on Asians, or you didn’t understand it. This article, featuring arrests and charges in a number of cases, makes it quite clear that no one is looking the other way.


    • I am sorry, the photo I see of Jorge, is a Hispanic man, not an African American man.
      you can copy and paste the link to view the arrested person.
      I may be wrong, but even hyphenated names are not an African American thing. African Americans normally have one last name, normally it is either their mother or their father’s last name. But I will wait to see the true photos later before assessing who committed this crime. It is horrible to attack anyone and my prayers go out to the victims and the families.


    • The man who shot all the Asian women dead in Georgia is white.
      The man who stabbed an Asian man in a targeted crime in NYC is Arab.
      The man who shoved the Asian woman to the ground in New York is Latino (like you).
      The man who nearly blinded the Asian man in California is Latino (like you).

      Do not bother saying “black people.” Leave black women out of the deadly violence males (like you) of all colors take pleasure out of engaging in.


      • How about putting the nonsense aside, Go to the website of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Half of these Felons commiting violent crime is black. How about leaving half of America out of it and make a real change. Not just the constant meaningless jabber that does absolutely nothing.


    • Right!? For months now this has been on the rise, and nothing from the mainstream news, not until it was a white guy who shot up asian “massage” parlors. Then it was everywhere. For a while, the local news outlets would show the attackers’ faces, most of them were black (NOT ALL OF THEM WERE BLACK!). But people started to see a pattern, and it didn’t fit the narrative of “white supremacy” and “BLM!” Where is Jorge Devis-Milton’s face?


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