Masako Kenley found; South Jordan, Utah’s William Richard O’Reilly arrested

Masako Yamada Kenley (©Sandy City Police Department)
Masako Yamada Kenley (©Sandy City Police Department)

William Richard O’Reilly, 75, of South Jordan, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States has been arrested by the Sandy City Police Department. He was charged with three felonies namely first-degree aggravated murder, second-degree obstruction of justice and third-degree desecration of a corpse.

O’Reilly is an acquaintance of Masako Yamada Kenley, 53, of Sandy, Salt Lake County. She was last seen at around 4:00 p.m. on July 2, 2021 in Midvale, Salt Lake County and she failed to show up for a dinner planned at a Layton restaurant that day.

Masako’s car was later found in a parking lot near S. Auto Mall Drive in Sandy. On July 3, 2021, the Sandy City Police Department was alerted to her disappearance and on July 4, 2021, the department announced that her body had been found near the Jordan River in Utah.


On July 5, 2021, O’Reilly was arrested. Sandy City Police Department Lieutenant Dean Carriger declined to speculate on the relationship between Masako and O’Reilly and did not release details about the suspect’s involvement in the victim’s death.

“Through the diligent work of our detectives, they were able to track Miss Kenley to an area of the Jordan River at about 8900 South,” Carriger stated. “We conducted a very thorough search of that area with the assistance of Rocky Mountain Rescue dogs, which was vital due to the thick brush and wooded area down there. During that time, we were able to locate Masako, deceased in that area.”

Aside from South Jordan, O’Reilly has lived in other parts of Utah including West Jordan, Salt Lake City and Fairview. He also previously lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Originally from Japan, Masako is married to William John “Bill” Kenley, 51, of Sandy. The couple previously lived in Provo, Utah County, Utah and Salt Lake City.

Bill and Masako have four children namely Micah Yamada Kenley, Julia Yamada Kenley, Sean Yamada Kenley and Paige Yamada Kenley. A GoFundMe page was created to help pay Masako’s funeral costs and to fly in some of her family members from Japan.

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