beauty pageant results

Miss Universe Malta 2021 results: Anthea Zammit crowns Jade Cini in St. Julian’s

  • beauty pageant: Miss Universe Malta
  • edition: 6th
  • date: September 17, 2021
  • venue: The Hilton Malta Conference Centre, St. Julian’s, Malta
  • number of candidates: 24




TOP 15

  1. Meltem Kirbas (Gzira)
  2. Jade Cini (Valletta)
  3. Christine Pisani (Xghajra)
  4. Michela Galea (Mgarr)
  5. Charlotte Stivala (Gharghur)
  6. Giselle Spiteri (Swieqi)
  7. Maxine Formosa (St. Julians)
  8. Nadege Ellul (Fgura)
  9. Victoria Tanti (St. Paul’s Bay)
  10. Susannah Camilleri (Gozo)
  11. Novelene Anne Naperi (Hamrun)
  12. Daniela Scuro (Bugibba)
  13. Janei Desira (Zejtun)
  14. Jessica Gherxi (Naxxar)
  15. Ludovica Loda (Qawra)


TOP 10

  1. Susannah Camilleri (Gozo)
  2. Giselle Spiteri (Swieqi)
  3. Jade Cini (Valletta)
  4. Jessica Gherxi (Naxxar)
  5. Ludovica Loda (Qawra)
  6. Michela Galea (Mgarr)
  7. Meltem Kirbas (Gzira)
  8. Charlotte Stivala (Gharghur)
  9. Novelene Anne Naperi (Hamrun)
  10. Maxine Formosa (St. Julians)



  1. Maxine Formosa (St. Julians)
  2. Meltem Kirbas (Gzira)
  3. Michela Galea (Mgarr)
  4. Jade Cini (Valletta)
  5. Charlotte Stivala (Gharghur)



4th runner-upN/AMeltem Kirbas 
3rd runner-upN/ACharlotte Stivala 
2nd runner-upJasmine Camilleri
Maxine Formosa 
(St. Julians)
1st runner-up Madeline Baldacchino
Michela Galea 
Jade Cini

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