HEXAGONE MMA will continue to be a trailblazer in 2023: Jerome Pourrut


HEXAGONE MMA is one of the mixed martial arts organizations that recognize the power of female athletes. It is a great avenue for female MMA fighters not only from France but also from other countries.

MMA was outlawed in France in 2016 due to the dangerous nature of the sport. In 2020, the European country finally made MMA a legal sport.

Women’s sports are becoming more and more important in France and are growing in combat sports. One of the objectives of HEXAGONE MMA as an organization is to provide ample and equal opportunity to female athletes.


Based in Paris, France, HEXAGONE MMA was founded by Jérôme Pourrut, Laurent Pourrut, David Rothschild and André de Semlyen. According to Jérôme, the promotion aims not only to develop MMA in France and in Europe but also to transmit the values inherent to martial arts, which include respect, surpassing oneself and self-sacrifice.

“Our other challenge is also to propose quality female competitions so that female fighters have equal opportunities as male fighters,” Jérôme said. “HEXAGONE MMA will continue to be a trailblazer in 2023.”


The first HEXAGONE MMA event was held at La Defense Arena in Paris on July 29 2021. In the only female bout on the card, Flore “Aito Hine” Hani, 35 of Irvine, California, United States defeated Stephanie Ielo Page, 33, of Brest, France via split decision.

On August 28, 2022, HEXAGONE MMA will hold its first overseas event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In the main event of the event, Mona Ftouhi of Tunisia and Samantha Jean-François, 35, of France will fight for the HEXAGONE MMA Women’s Strawweight World Championship title.


The co-main event of “HEXAGONE MMA 4” is also a title bout. Marie Loiseau, 42, of France and Eleni Mytilinaki, 21, of Greece will fight for the HEXAGONE MMA Women’s Bantamweight World Championship title.

Also on the card are Kate Bacik, 29, of Poland and England and Ernesta Kareckaite, 20, of Lithuania. They will face each other at a catch weight of 59kg.

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