Miss Oregon USA 2023 predictions: Morgan Williams, Manju Bangalore, Kelly Smith

The Miss Oregon USA 2023 coronation ceremony will be held at the Sherwood Center for the Arts in Sherwood, Oregon, United States on October 15, 2022. It is the 67th edition of the state-level beauty pageant that selects Oregon’s Miss USA candidate.

Currently, Oregon has 11 Miss USA placements including the second runner-up finish of Gail Atchison in 1976. The most recent one was in 2018 when Toneata Morgan finished in the Top 15.


Representing Willamette Water Trail, Arielle Freytag was 27 years old when she was crowned Miss Oregon USA 2022 at the Sherwood Center for the Arts on January 15, 2022. Alison Bowles of Portland, Brooklyn Lowery of Progress Ridge, Rachel Sheldon of Coos River and Viktoria Fox of Salem were the respective first, second, third and fourth runners-up.

There are 23 women competing for the Miss Oregon USA 2023 title. After checking their profiles, photos and videos, I picked the five candidates who I believe will make it to the top:


predicted 4th runner-up

Kara Bennett (Baker County)


predicted 3rd runner-up

Katherine Nguyen (Aloha)


predicted 2nd runner-up

Kelly Smith (Multnomah County)


predicted 1st runner-up

Manju Bangalore (Benton County)


predicted Miss Oregon USA 2023

Morgan Williams (Eugene)

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