Brazil’s Flávio de Queiroz vs Canada’s Malcolm Gordon at BRAVE CF Flyweight Tournament quarterfinals at ‘BRAVE CF 35’ in Balneário Camboriú

Flavio de Queiroz, Malcolm Gordon

The Brave Combat Federation head office acted fast after Marcel Adur, 38, of Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil pulled out from his BRAVE CF Flyweight World Championship tournament quarterfinal bout against Malcolm “X” Gordon, 29, of London, Ontario, Canada at “BRAVE CF 35.” Since the former was injured, he will be replaced by Flávio “Flavinho” de Queiroz, 28, of São Paulo, Brazil.

BRAVE CF officials also announced that the bout will remain as part of the Flyweight World Title Tournament. De Queiroz will now join the eight-men bracket for a chance of becoming the Bahrain-based mixed martial arts promotion in its first champion up to 57 kg.

However, it is yet to be confirmed by BRAVE CF what is the next step for Adur. He may rejoin the tournament in the upcoming months or his withdrawal may mean he is also forfeiting a spot among the tournament participants.

BRAVE CF will hold “BRAVE CF 35” in Balneário Camboriú on March 28, 2020. It will be the first event of the Bahrain-based mixed martial arts promotion in Brazil to be promoted by the promotion outside of Curitiba and Belo Horizonte.

Gordon is making his BRAVE CF debut at “BRAVE CF 35.” Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on May 19, 1990, he has been competing professionally since 2012.

Gordon is ranked number one in the flyweight division in Canada. He holds a professional MMA record of 12 wins and 3 losses and is currently on a four-bout winning streak.

On the other hand, de Queiroz currently has 12 wins and 2 losses. A member of Capital da Luta team in São Paulo, he is coming off a successful debut in BRAVE CF with a submission win over Jean Felipe “Pernalonga” Souza, 24, of Belo Horizonte at “BRAVE CF 35” at the Minas Tenis Clube Arena in Belo Horizonte on August 30, 2019.

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