The biggest stars in NFL history: Tom Brady, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, William Perry, Joe Namath

NFL wall (©Hence the Boom)

NFL wall (©Hence the Boom)

The National Football League has given us many great players. Supreme athletes who, at the top of their game, dominated the sport for a time.

But while there are scores of greatest players lists out there (and even one or two listing the most handsome), we are more interested in the players that brought skill and a little something extra to the game. Yes, we are talking star players that captivated the public and to say there were quite a few is an understatement so here are some of our personal favorites:

Tom Brady

Tom Brady and the Miami Dolphins (©Paul Keleher)

Tom Brady and the Miami Dolphins (©Paul Keleher)

With six Super Bowl rings to his name, Brady is nothing short of a living legend. The epitome of the star quarterback, his skill and vision were the difference for the Patriots on many occasions.

Interestingly though, Brady is one of the most unassuming characters in the game. In fact, you could even say that had he claimed only one or two Super Bowl rings, he might be completely forgotten by all but the most die-hard of New England fans. Nevertheless, despite his lack of superstar personality, we simply cannot leave him off the list.

Brady has since left the Patriots and is now with his new team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As a serial winner, it is hard to dismiss his ability to control and win games and that makes the Buccaneers a great long shot for this season’s NFL betting.

Dan Marino

So remember what we said about Brady winning fewer Super Bowls? Well, the next man on our list won none at all.

Having played for 17 seasons in the NFL, Marino of the Miami Dolphins fame never won the Super Bowl. Yet despite his lack of shiny rings, he was a genuine superstar and the face of the Miami Dolphins for nearly two decades.

Marino has a list of records that include most leading league pass attempts, and 200 touchdown passes in the fewest games at the start of a career. He was also rookie of the year and his number 13 jersey was retired in his honor. making him a complete legend with star power to boot.

Brett Favre

Funnily enough, Favre is one of those players that you either love or you hate. It sounds harsh but it is true.

Yet even though many people really dislike Favre, he is an undisputed star and legend of the game. He spent the majority of his career with the Green Bay Packers and won a solitary Super Bowl in his time there.

Favre had it all on the field and he was an enigmatic character off it too. He even showed up in the iconic movie “There’s Something about Mary” as lead role Cameron Diaz’s former boyfriend. Although his playing career took a little dip after he left the Packers, he is still considered a bona fide NFL star.

William Perry

Anyone who grew up in the ’80s will know the name William Perry. Nicknamed The Refrigerator for his size and immovable stature, he was something of a hero to all those aspiring young players carrying a little extra weight. Drafted by the Chicago Bears, he quickly became a global phenomenon with fans in every corner of the world.

Perry won the Super Bowl with the Bears and holds the record for the largest Super Bowl ring size in the history of the game. His size is 25 while the average size is only 10-12, which is pretty impressive. When he left the NFL, he wrestled in Wrestlemania 2 and was so popular that in 2006 he was inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE hall of fame.

But Perry was not done there. He also cashed in on his popularity by recording two rap records, one of which was released again in 1999 in aid of charity. Although he now suffers from poor health and is confined to a wheelchair, he is still one of the most recognizable figures in NFL history.

Joe Namath

Yes, Namath was a great player. But Broadway Joe was more than just the complete player. He had everything including that superstar appeal, a magnetic personality, and the air of self-confidence that some players today would do well to emulate.

Namath is probably known best for his bold prediction that he would win Super Bowl III. He then went ahead a did so to secure the New York Jets only Super Bowl win. When he retired, he took on Hollywood presenting the Joe Namath show and starring in 11 movies to date. At the age of 77, he is still revered by Jets fans and appreciated by NFL fans the world over as a true sporting icon.

There are many other players that could join the men on this list. Players such as Peyton Manning, Joe Montana and Reggie White. But in terms of star power, the men above are the leaders of the pack.

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