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Complete list of Muž Roku 2022 candidates


Muž Roku 2021 Lukáš Vyšehrad, 26, of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic will crown his successor at the Divadlo Dr. Josefa Čížka in Náchod, Hradec Králové on August 26, 2022. It is the 23rd edition of the national beauty pageant that selects the Czech Republic’s Mister Supranational, Mister Global, Man of the World, Man of the Year, Mister Grand International and Mister Tourism World candidates.

Currently, the Czech Republic has four Mister Supranational placements, two Mister Global placements, three Man of the World placements, three Man of the Year placements, one Mister Grand International placement and one Mister Tourism World placement. The European country was represented by Mister Global 2016 Tomáš Martinka, 32, and Man of the Year 2022 Dominik Chabr, 28, who are both from Most, Ústí nad Labem.


Vyšehrad was crowned Muž Roku 2021 at the Divadlo Dr. Josefa Čížka on August 27, 2022. Jiří Perout, 23, of Jestřebí, Liberec, Czech Republic and Chabr were the respective first and second runners-up. Vyšehrad finished in the Top 18 at Mister Grand International 2021 while Perout was unplaced at Mister Supranational 2021.

There are 12 men competing for the Mister Supranational Czech Republic 2023, Mister Global Czech Republic 2022, Man of the World Czech Republic 2023, Man of the Year Czech Republic 2023, Mister Grand International Czech Republic 2022 and Mister Tourism Czech Republic 2022 titles at Muž Roku 2022. Here are the candidates:

  1. Josef Vanša, 23, Ústí nad Labem
  2. Adam Bůžek, 22, Kladno
  3. Denys Poljanskyj, 24, Hořovice
  4. Petr Ngo, 23, Teplice
  5. Dušan Kuchařík, 27, Zlín
  6. Jan Balšán, 21, Prague
  7. Philipp Stoimenov, 30, Ostrava
  8. Dominik Odstrčil, 26, Přerov
  9. Filip Šanda, 28, Prachatice
  10. Leon Vonaký, 20, Chomutov
  11. David Pleva, 27, Teplice
  12. Matěj Švec, 23, Velesín

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