List of 2021 U.S. Capitol riot suspects

Hundreds of the Donald Trump supporters breached the United States Capitol building in Washington, D.C., USA on January 6, 2021. They disrupted a joint session of Congress certifying the vote of the Electoral College and affirming Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.

One U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) officer named Brian D. Sicknick died because of the riot. It is almost impossible to name all the rioters but here are some of those who allegedly participated including those who did not get inside the U.S. Capitol building but joined the insurrection outside:

NOTE: Everyone in this growing list is presumed innocent until proven guilty.


  1. Aaron James Mileur, 41, of Wasilla, Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska
  2. Aaron Mostofsky, 34, of Brooklyn, New York
  3. Adam Avery Honeycutt of Florida
  4. Adam Christian Johnson, 36, of Parrish, Florida
  5. Adam Newbold, 45, of Lisbon, Ohio
  6. Albert A. Ciarpelli of Syracuse, New York
  7. Alexander Sheppard of Ohio
  8. Alex Kirk Harkrider, 33, of Carthage, Panola County, Texas
  9. Andrew Alan Hernandez
  10. Andrew Bennett of Washington, D.C.
  11. Andrew Cavanaugh of Montana
  12. Andrew Craig Ericson, 23, of Muskogee, Oklahoma
  13. Andrew Griswold of Pensacola, Florida
  14. Andrew Hatley of Arizona
  15. Andrew William Griswold, 28, of Niceville, Okaloosa County, Florida
  16. Andrew Wrigley, 50, Jim Thorpe, Carbon County, Pennsylvania
  17. Anna Morgan-Lloyd of Lakeland, Florida
  18. Annie Howell of Pennsylvania
  19. Anthime Joseph Gionet, 33, Anchorage, Alaska (aka Baked Alaska, Tim Gionet)
  20. Anthony Alfred Griffith Sr. o Muscogee, Oklahoma
  21. Anthony R. Mariotto (aka Tony Mariotto) of Florida
  22. Anthony Robert Williams, 45, of Southgate, Wayne County, Michigan
  23. Anthony Tammaro
  24. Antionne Brodnax of Sandston, Virginia
  25. Arthur Jackman, 30, of Orange County, Florida
  26. Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt, 30, of San Diego, California (+)
  27. Barton Wade Shivley of Pennsylvania
  28. Benjamin Henry Torre, 23, of Dawsonville, Dawson County, Georgia
  29. Benjamin Philips, 50, of Ringtown, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania (+)
  30. Bennie Alvin Parker of Ohio
  31. Blake Austin Reed, 35, of Nashville, Tennessee
  32. Boyd Allen Camper of Montana
  33. Bradley F. Rukstales of Inverness, Illinois
  34. Bradley W. Weeks, 43, of Macclenny, Baker County, Florida
  35. Brandon Craig Fellows, 25, of Niskayuna, Schenectady County, New York
  36. Brandon Miller of Bradford, Ohio
  37. Brandon Straka, 44, of New York City, New York
  38. Brian Gundersen of Pennsylvania
  39. Brian McCreary of Massachusetts
  40. Bruno Joseph Cua, 18, of Milton, Fulton County, Georgia
  41. Bryan Betancur of Silver Spring, Maryland (aka Bryan Clooney, Maximo Clooney)
  42. Bryan Wayne Ivey, 28, of Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee
  43. Caleb Jones of Columbus, Ohio
  44. Cindy Sue Fitchett, 59, of Cobbs Creek, Virginia
  45. Chad Barrett Jones, 42, of Coxs Creek, Kentucky
  46. Chance Anthony Uptmore of Texas
  47. Charles Donohoe
  48. Christian Alexander Secor, 22, Costa Mesa, Orange County, California
  49. Christina Gerding of Illinois
  50. Christopher Charles Kuehne, 48, of Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas
  51. Christopher John Worrell, 49, of Naples, Collier County, Florida
  52. Christopher Michael Alberts of Maryland
  53. Christopher M. Kelly of New York
  54. Christopher Moynihan of Salt Point, New York
  55. Christopher Raphael Spencer of of Pilot Mountain, North Carolina (aka Chris Spencer)
  56. Christopher Ray Grider of Austin, Texas
  57. Christopher Stanton Georgia, 53, of Alpharetta, Georgia (+)
  58. Christopher W. Ortiz of New York
  59. Christopher Worrell of Naples, Florida
  60. Christine Marie Priola, 49, of Willoughby, Lake County, Ohio
  61. Christy Clark of Pennsylvania
  62. Clayton Ray Mullins of Kentucky
  63. Cleveland Glover Meredith of Hiawassee, Georgia
  64. Cody Page Carter Connell, 27, of Vivian, Caddo Parish, Louisiana
  65. Connie Meggs of Florida
  66. Corinne Montoni of Lakeland, Florida
  67. Cory Dale Konold, 25, of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona
  68. Craig Michael Bingert, 29, of Slatington, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
  69. Dakoda Westfall
  70. Dale Jeremiah Shalvey
  71. Dalton Ray Crase, 21, of Lexington, Kentucky
  72. Damon Michael Beckley of Kentucky
  73. Dana Joe Winn of Florida
  74. Daniel Dean Egtvedt of Maryland
  75. Daniel D. Phipps of Texas
  76. Daniel Goodwyn of Texas
  77. Daniel Herendeen of Chesterfield, Michigan
  78. Daniel Joseph Rodriguez, 38, of Fontana, San Bernardino County, California (aka DJ Rodriguez, Danny Rodriguez)
  79. Daniel Page Adams of Texas
  80. Danielle Nicole Doyle
  81. Danny Carlton of Jacksonville, Florida
  82. Daniel Ray Caldwell, 49, of The Colony, Denton County, Texas
  83. David Alan Blair of Clarksburg, Maryland
  84. David Booth
  85. David Charles Mish Jr. of Wisconsin
  86. David Lee Judd, 35, of Carrollton, Texas
  87. David Medina
  88. David Fitzgerald of Roselle, Illinois
  89. David Ross of Pittsfield, Massachusetts
  90. Dawn Bancroft, 58, of Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
  91. Deborah Sandovalof Des Moines, Iowa
  92. Dennis Sidorski of Virginia
  93. Derek Jancart
  94. Derrick Evans, 35, of Prichard, West Virginia
  95. Devin Oneill of Smithfield North Carolina
  96. Diana Santos-Smith of Pennsylvania
  97. Dillon Paul Homol of Cocoa Beach, Florida
  98. Dominic Box of Georgia
  99. Dominick Dennis Madden, 43, of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York City, New York
  100. Dominic Pezzola, 43, of Rochester, New York (aka Spazz, Spazzo)
  101. Donovan Ray Crowl of Woodstock, Ohio
  102. Douglas “Doug” Austin Jensen, 41, of Des Moines, Iowa
  103. Douglas Black
  104. Douglas Sweet of Hudgins, Virginia
  105. Duke Edward Wilson, 66, Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho
  106. Dustin Byron Thompson of Ohio
  107. Earl Glosser of North Carolina
  108. Eduard Florea
  109. Eduardo Nicolas Alvear Gonzalez, 32, of Ventura, California (aka Nick Alvear, Lion Nick)
  110. Edward Hemenway of Charlottesville, Virginia
  111. Edward Jacob Lang, 25, of Newburgh, Orange County, New York (aka Jake Lang)
  112. Elias Irizarry, 19, of Rock Hill, York County, South Carolina
  113. Elias Costianes
  114. Eliel Rosa of Texas
  115. Elizabeth Koch of Maryville, Tennessee
  116. Elliot Bishai, 19 of Fort Mill, York County, South Carolina
  117. Emanuel Jackson, 20, of Capitol Heights, Prince George’s County, Maryland
  118. Emily Hernandez, 20, of Sullivan, Missouri
  119. Emily Lewis
  120. Eric Barber of Davisville, West Virginia
  121. Eric Black
  122. Eric Chase Torrens, 28, of Gallatin, Sumner County, Tennessee
  123. Eric Gavelek Munchel, 30, of Nashville, Tennessee
  124. Ethan Nordean, 30, of Washington (aka Ruffio Panman)
  125. Ethan C. Seitz
  126. Felicia Breann Konold, 26, of Marana, Pima County, Arizona
  127. Felipe Marquez of Florida
  128. Frank J. Scavo of Pennsylvania
  129. Gabriel Augustin Garcia, 40, of Miami, Florida
  130. Garret A. Miller, 34, of Richardson, Dallas County, Texas
  131. Gary Phaneuf, 64, of Staten Island, New York
  132. George Pierre Tanios, 39, of New Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey
  133. Gina Michelle Bisignano, 52, of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California
  134. Glenn Wes Lee Croy of Colorado
  135. Gracyn Dawn Courtright, 23, Hurricane, West Virginia
  136. Grady Douglas Owens of Winter Park, Orange County, Florida
  137. Grant McHoyt Moore of Bufford, Georgia
  138. Graydon Young of Florida
  139. Grayson Ross Sherrill of Cherryville, Gaston County, North Carolina
  140. Greg Rubernacker of New York
  141. Guy Wesley Reffitt, 48, of Wylie, Texas
  142. Hector Emmanuel Vargas Santos of New Jersey
  143. Henry Phillip Muntzer, 52, of Dillon, Montana (Hank Muntzer)
  144. Howard Berton Adams
  145. Hunter Allen Ehmke, 20, of Glendora, California
  146. Hunter Seefried, 23, of Laurel, Sussex County, Delaware
  147. Isaac Steve Sturgeon, 32, of Dillon, Beaverhead County, Montana
  148. Israel Tutrow of Indiana
  149. Jack Jesse Griffith, 25, of Gallatin, Sumner County, Tennessee (aka Juan Bibiano)
  150. Jack Wade Whitton Jr., 30, of Locust Grove, Henry County, Georgia
  151. Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansely, 32, of Phoenix, Arizona (aka Jake Angeli, Q Shaman, Qanon Shaman)
  152. Jacob Fracker, 29, of Rocky Mount, Virginia
  153. Jacob Hiles of Virginia Beach
  154. Jacob Daniel Lewis, 37, of Victorville, San Bernardino County, California
  155. James Allen Mels, 56, of Shelby Township, Michigan
  156. James Bonet of New York
  157. James DeFalco
  158. James Douglas Rahm III of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  159. James Herman Uptmore of Texas (aka Sonny Uptmore)
  160. James Matthew Horning
  161. James Smawley of North Carolina
  162. James Sinclair of Bensalem, Pennsylvania
  163. Jared Hunter Adams
  164. Jason Daniel Riddle of Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire
  165. Jason Gerding of Illinois
  166. Jason Lee Hyland of Texas
  167. Jay Robert Thaxton of North Carolina
  168. Jeffrey Alexander Smith of California (aka Alex Smith)
  169. Jeffrey Grace of Washington
  170. Jeffrey McKellop of Washington, D.C.
  171. Jeffrey Patrick Sabol, 51, of Colorado
  172. Jeffrey Shane Witcher of Texas
  173. Jennifer Leigh Ryan, 50, of Frisco, Texas (aka Jenna Ryan)
  174. Jennifer Marie Heinl of Ross Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (aka Jennie Heinl)
  175. Jenny Louise Haning Cudd, 40, of Midland, Texas
  176. Jeramiah Ray Caplinger, 25, of Taylor, Wayne County, Michigan
  177. Jere Brower of North Carolina
  178. Jeremy Daniel Lee Groseclose, 38, of Elliston, Montgomery County, Virginia
  179. Jerod Wade Hughes of Montana
  180. Jerry Ryals of Muscogee, Oklahoma
  181. Jessica Bustle of Bristol, Virginia
  182. Jessica Watkins of Ohio
  183. Jesus Delamora Rivera Jr., 37, of Pensacola, Florida Panhandle, Florida (aka JD Rivera)
  184. John Anderson of St. Augustine, Florida
  185. John D. Andries of Maryland
  186. John Herbert Strand, 37, of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California
  187. John Lolos
  188. John Steven Anderson of Florida
  189. John Earl Sullivan of Utah
  190. Jonathan Gennaro Mellis, 34, of Williamsburg, Virginia (aka Jon Gennaro)
  191. Jonathan McKinley
  192. Jonathanpeter Allen Klein, 21, of Heppner, Morrow County, Oregon
  193. Jon Ryan Schaffer, 52, of Tampa, Florida
  194. Jordan Kenneth Stotts, 31, of Moorhead, Clay County, Minnesota
  195. Jordan Robert Mink of Pennsylvania
  196. Jordan T. Revlett of Kentucky
  197. Jorge Aaron Riley, 41, of Sacramento, California
  198. Joseph Barnes of Texas
  199. Joseph Lino Padilla of Georgia (aka Jose Padilla)
  200. Joseph Randall Biggs, 37, of Ormond Beach, Volusia County, Florida (aka Joe Biggs)
  201. Joseph W. Fischer of Pennsylvania
  202. Josiah Benjamin Colt, 34, of Boise, Idaho
  203. Joshua Adam James, 33, Arab, Alabama
  204. Joshua Bustle of Bristol, Virginia
  205. Joshua Calvin Hughes of Montana
  206. Joshua James of Arab, Alabama
  207. Joshua Matthew Black, 44, of Leeds, Alabama
  208. Joshua Pruitt
  209. Joshua R. Lollar
  210. Joshua Wagner of Indiana
  211. Julian Elie Khater, 32, of State College, Pennsylvania
  212. Justin McAuliffe of New York
  213. Justin Stoll of Ohio
  214. Kari Dawn Kelly, 40, of Mobile, Alabama
  215. Karl Dresch of Michigan
  216. Kash Lee Kelly, 32, of Hammond, Indiana
  217. Katherine Staveley Schwab of Texas (aka Katie Schwab)
  218. Keith Loftus of Wisconsin
  219. Kelly Meggs of Florida
  220. Kenneth Grayson, 51, of Bridgeville, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
  221. Kenneth Harrelson
  222. Kevin Daniel Loftus of Wisconsin
  223. Kevin Douglas Greeson, 55, of Athens, Alabama (+)
  224. Kevin Francisco Cordon, 33, of Alhambra, Los Angeles County, California
  225. Kevin James Lyons of Illinois
  226. Kevin Sam Blakely of McKinney, Texas
  227. Kevin Seefried, 51, of Laurel, Sussex County, Delaware
  228. Kevin Strong of California
  229. Kim Dragoo of Saint Joseph, Missouri
  230. Klete Derik Keller, 38, of Colorado
  231. Kristina Malimon of Oregon
  232. Kristopher Drew of Huntington Beach, California
  233. Lance Grames of North Carolina
  234. Laura Steele of North Carolina
  235. Larry Rendall Brock, Jr., 53, of Dallas, Texas
  236. Lawrence Earl Stackhouse of New Jersey
  237. Leo Brent Bozell IV, 41, of Palmyra, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
  238. Leo Christopher Kelly of Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa
  239. Leonard Guthrie of Cape May, New Jersey
  240. Lewis Easton Cantwell of North Carolina
  241. Libby Andrews
  242. Lisa Marie Gavelek Eisenhart, 56, of Woodstock, Georgia
  243. Lonnie Leroy Coffman, 70, of Falkville, Alabama
  244. Lori Ann Utley Vinson, 49, of Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky
  245. Louis Enrique Colon of Blue Springs, Jackson County, Missouri
  246. Luke Coffee of Texas
  247. Marc Anthony Bru, 41, of Vancouver, Clark County, Washington
  248. Mariposa Castro
  249. Marissa A. Suarez of New Jersey
  250. Mark K. Ponder, 55, of Northwest, Washington, D.C.
  251. Mark Leffingwell of Seattle, Washington
  252. Mark Roderick Aungst of Pennsylvania
  253. Mark Roger Rebegila of Topeka, Kansas
  254. Mark Sahady of Boston, Massachussets
  255. Mark Simon of California
  256. Mark Steven Simon, 49, of Huntington Beach, Orange County, California
  257. Matthew J. Bledsoe, 37, of Memphis, Tennessee
  258. Matthew Bair
  259. Matthew Capsel of Illinois
  260. Matthew Carl Mazzocco of San Antonio, Texas
  261. Matthew Clark of Pennsylvania
  262. Matthew Council of Riverview, Florida
  263. Matthew Eugene Loganbill of Missouri
  264. Matthew Heimbach
  265. Matthew Leland Klein, 24, of Sherwood, Washington County, Oregon
  266. Matthew Perna of Pennsylvania
  267. Matthew Ryan Miller of Maryland
  268. Matthew Wood of Winston Salem, North Carolina
  269. Mauricio Mendez
  270. Melody Marie Black of Red Wing, Minnesota
  271. Melody Steele-Smith of Glouchester, Virginia
  272. Michael Anthony Pope, 32, of Sandpoint, Bonner County, Idaho
  273. Michael John Lopatic Sr. of Pennsylvania
  274. Michael Jones of North Carolina
  275. Michael Joseph Foy, 30, of Westland, Wayne County, Michigan
  276. Michael Lee Hardin, 50, of Kaysville, Davis County, Utah
  277. Michael Lee Roche, 26, of Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee
  278. Michael Orangias, 36, ofLouisville, Kentucky (aka Mike Orangias)
  279. Michael Quick of Missouri
  280. Michael Shane Daughtry of Georgia
  281. Michael Sparks of Kentucky
  282. Michael Stepakoff, 55, of Palm Harbor, Pinellas County, Florida
  283. Michael Thomas Curzio, 35, of Summerfield, Marion County, Florida
  284. Nathaniel J. DeGrave, 31, of Las Vegas, Nevada (aka Nathan DeGrave)
  285. Nicholas Rodean of Frederick, Maryland
  286. Nicholas DeCarlo of Texas
  287. Nicholas Moncada, 20, Bay Terrace, Staten Island, New York
  288. Nicholas Reimler of St. Louis, Missouri
  289. Nicholas Robert Ochs, 34, of Waikiki, Hawaii (aka Nick Ochs)
  290. Nolan Bernard Cooke, 22, of Savoy, Fannin County, Texas
  291. Patricia Todisco of New Jersey
  292. Patrick Alonzo Stedman of New Jersey
  293. Patrick Edward McCaughey III, 23, of Ridgefield, Connecticut
  294. Patrick Montgomery, 48, of Littleton, Colorado
  295. Paul Allard Hodgkins of Florida
  296. Paul Davis of Texas
  297. Paul Rae
  298. Paul Scott Westover, 52, of Chantilly Court, Lake Saint Louis, Missouri
  299. Paul Spigelmyer of Pennsylvania
  300. Peter Francis Stager, 41, of Conway, Arkansas
  301. Peter J. Harding, 47, of Cheektowaga, Erie County, New York
  302. Peter Schwartz of Pennsylvania
  303. Philip Mulhollen
  304. Philip Sean Grillo of New York
  305. Phillip Andrew Bromley
  306. Rachael Lynn Pert of Florida
  307. Rachel Marie Powell, 40, of Sandy Lake, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
  308. Raechel Genco of Pennsylvania
  309. Rasha N. Abual-Ragheb of Fairfield, Essex County, New Jersey
  310. Richard Franklin Barnard of Texas
  311. Richard L. Harris of Hollywood, Florida
  312. Richard M. Barnett, 60, of Gravette, Arkansas (aka Bigo Barnett)
  313. Richard Michetti
  314. Rick Saccone of Pennsylvania
  315. Riley June Williams, 22, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  316. Robert Anthony Lyon of Ohio
  317. Robert Ballesterros of Rye, New York
  318. Robert Gieswein of Colorado
  319. Robert Keith Packer, 56, of Newport News, Virginia
  320. Robert L. Bauer of Kentucky
  321. Robert Lee Sanford Jr., 55, of Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania
  322. Robert Maurice Reeder of Maryland
  323. Robert Schornak of Roseville, Michigan
  324. Roberto Charles Mish Jr. of Wisconsin
  325. Rodney Taylor of Oregon
  326. Ronald L. Sandlin, 31, of Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico (aka Ronnie Sandlin)
  327. Ronnie Bryan Presley of Tennessee
  328. Rosanne Marie Boyland, 34, of Kennesaw, Georgia (+)
  329. Russell James Peterson of Pennsylvania
  330. Ryan Ashlock
  331. Ryan Samsel of Pennsylvania
  332. Ryan Taylor Nichols, 30, of Longview, Texas
  333. Ryan Scott Zink of Lubbock, Texas
  334. Salvador Sandoval Jr. of Ankeny, Iowa
  335. Samuel J. Fisher of New York (aka Brad Holiday)
  336. Samuel Pinho Camargo, 26, of Deerfield, Broward County, Florida
  337. Sandra Ruth Parker of Ohio
  338. Sara Carpenter, 51, of Richmond Hill, Queens, New York City, New York
  339. Scott Kevin Fairlamb, 43, of Stockholm, Hardyston Township, Sussex County, New Jersey
  340. Sean Bare
  341. Sean Carlo Cordon, 35, of Los Angeles, California
  342. Shane Leedon Jenkins, 43, of Houston, Texas
  343. Sharon Pineo of Round Lake, Saratoga County, New York
  344. Dr. Simone Melissa Gold, 55, of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California
  345. Stephanie Hazelton of Medford, New Jersey (aka Ayla Wolf, Ayla Wolfe)
  346. Stephanie Miller of Bradford, Ohio
  347. Stephen Brian Quick of Missouri
  348. Stephen Maury Baker of North Carolina
  349. Stephen Michael Ayres of Ohio
  350. Steve Omar Maldonado, 40, of Palm Bay, Brevard County, Florida (aka Emilio Maldonado)
  351. Suzanne Ianni of Boston, Massachusetts (aka Sue Ianni)
  352. Tam Dinh Pham, 48, of Houston, Texas
  353. Tammy A. Bronsburg of Pennsylvania (aka Tammy Butry)
  354. Dr. Tammy Towers Parry
  355. Tara Coleman of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  356. Taylor James Johnatakis of Washington
  357. Teag Drabik of New York
  358. Terry Brown of Myerstown, Pennsylvania
  359. Thomas Baranyi, 28, of Ewing, New Jersey
  360. Thomas Edward Caldwell of Virginia
  361. Thomas J. Fee, 53, of Freeport, Long Island, New York
  362. Thomas Gallagher of Bridgewater, New Hampshire
  363. Thomas Haines
  364. Thomas Robertson, 47, of Rocky Mount, Virginia
  365. Thomas Roy Vinson, 54, of Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky
  366. Thomas Sibick of Buffalo, New York
  367. Thomas Webster of New York
  368. Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, 29, of Colts Neck, Monmouth County, New Jersey
  369. Tim Scarboro of North Carolina
  370. Tommy Frederick Allan of California
  371. Treniss Jewell Evans III
  372. Tristan Chander Stevens of Florida
  373. Troy Anthony Smocks of Texas
  374. Troy Dylan Williams, 25, of Lexington, Kentucky
  375. Troy Elbert Faulkner of Ohio
  376. Troy Sargent of Pittsfield, Massachusetts
  377. Valerie Elaine Ehrke of California
  378. Vaughn Allan Gordon, 56, of Lafayette, Louisiana
  379. Verden Andrew Nalley, 49, of Buford, Gwinnett County, Georgia
  380. Victoria Bergeson of Groton, Connecticut
  381. Virginia Marie Spencer of North Carolina (aka Jenny Spencer)
  382. Vitali Gossjankowski of Washington, D.C.
  383. William Alexander Pope, 35, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas (aka Will Pope)
  384. William Arthur Leary, 54, of Utica, New York (aka Billy Leary)
  385. William Chrestman of Missouri
  386. William D. Merry Jr., 62, of Saint Louis County, Missouri
  387. William McCall Calhoun Jr. of Americus, Georgia
  388. William Wright Watson, 23, of Auburn, Alabama
  389. William Norman Chrestman, 47, of Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas (aka Billy Chrestman)
  390. William Pepe, 31, of Beacon, New York (aka Will Pepe)
  391. William Rogan Reid of Florida
  392. William Robert Norwood III, 37, of Greer, South Carolina
  393. William Vogel of New York
  394. Wilmar Jeovanny Montano Alvarado
  395. Yevgemya Malimon of Oregon
  396. Yvonne Alicia Orbin St. Cyr, 53, of Boise, Ada County, Idaho
  397. Zachary Jordan Alam, 29, of Pennsylvania
  398. Zachary Hayes Martin of Missouri
  399. Zachary John Wilson
  400. Zachary Rehl
  401. Zach Crandall
  402. Zandra Sixkiller-Cramer of Glenwood, Maryland

(+) = deceased


  1. Chuck Norris lookalike
  2. female Bexar County Sheriff’s Office lieutenant
  3. male teacher from Allentown, Pennsylvania
  4. New York police officer
  5. Philadelphia police officer
  6. Robert L. Bauer’s wife
  7. Seattle Police Department officer (1)
  8. Seattle Police Department officer (2)
  9. U.S. Capitol Police officer (1)
  10. U.S. Capitol Police officer (2)
  11. U.S. Capitol Police officer (3)
  12. U.S. Capitol Police officer (4)
  13. U.S. Capitol Police officer (5)
  14. U.S. Capitol Police officer (6)
  15. U.S. Capitol Police officer (7)
  16. U.S. Capitol Police officer (8)
  17. U.S. Capitol Police officer (9)
  18. U.S. Capitol Police officer (10)
  19. U.S. Capitol Police officer (11)
  20. U.S. Capitol Police officer (12)

Under investigation:

  1. Annie Lorenz
  2. Jennifer Gugger of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  3. Michelle Peterson
  4. Pat Miletich
  5. Therese Duke
  6. Richard Lorenz
  7. Roxanne Mathai of Bexar County
  8. Troy St. Cyr of Boise, Ada County, Idaho

If you have information about someone who participated in the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, call 1-800-CALL-FBI. You may also submit relevant photos and videos to the FBI.

28 replies »

  1. Is this list of only those who entered the Capitol and/or on the steps and rioting or anyone who the police might have stopped who were a part of the crowd.


  2. Elizabeth Koch of Maryville, Tennessee is originally Elizabeth Koch from Bowie, Maryland. I have few friends and family that confirmed they went to Bowie High School with her. Btw, she was faking Mace Spray but she had an onion in her hand that she rubbed against her face and lied on camera.

    I left an FBI tip and they are aware of this fake artist.


  3. I’m antiracsit, antifa. Good to see doxx, lame that it went “jonestown death tape” yt, level.
    Tragic . Get a non-tesla EV. Live again . 2017 and up models .



    Michael and Diane Andrews (aka Diane Bobic) of Plano were spotted at the Capitol in photos posted on Twitter.

    The photos were found on a Twitter account (content warning: sexual) that promotes Diane’s business as a dominatrix.

    In one photo posted on January 6, Diane can be seen together with Michael — who works as an account manager for a Plano-based software company, Chetu — in front of a broken window at the Capitol building.

    The caption of the post: “In DC #StopTheSteaI2020 what an amazing day.”

    After the events of January 6, Diane has used her social media account to retweet posts that allege Antifa was responsible for breaking windows — despite the FBI stating that Antifa had nothing to do with the events.

    At this point, neither of the Andrews has been arrested or faced any repercussions for their potential involvement in the insurrection efforts. — SM


  5. Another one that is from Salem, Oregon is beauty shop owner Lindsey Graham. Used the GoFundMe site to pay for her trip to Washington DC. Shortly after Jan.6 a Portland based news web site showed Graham taking a selfie of herself on the steps of the Capitol bldg. Can’t find that specific picture but found this web site about her after doing a search.


  6. As a note, #10 Andrew Hatley of Arizona, the state is incorrect. He is from South Carolina he was arrested in Arizona. Hatley lists as his employer on Facebook at Senn Freight Lines, a Newberry trucking company. He is a truck driver.


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